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The Proofreading Phase in Translation: Importance and Best Practices for Quality Assurance

The proofreading phase in translation is an opportunity to perfect translated content and transcend boundaries, conveying the same message and intent to the target audience.

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30 Top Translation Companies in the World

AI is revolutionizing the translation industry, but human communication is still essential. Since the very first machine translation systems, Artificial Intelligence has had a profound impact on translation services. Machine translation systems can...

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Exploring the Differences Between Human Translation and Machine Translation

The technological advances that have occurred over the course of the last few decades have made it possible to optimize and streamline the work of human translators. One of these advances is machine translation (MT).

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The Future of Professional Translators: Combining Skills and Technology for Effective Communication

As the world becomes increasingly globalized, the demand for linguistic and cultural adaptation services continues to grow in leaps and bounds. Professional translators are at the forefront of this trend, helping individuals and companies...

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What Is a Translation Memory and How Does It Work?

Saving time and money on translation projects, increasing the quality of the output text or allowing several translators to work on a project simultaneously are just some of the great advantages of using atranslation memory (TM).

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How to Approach the Translation of Technical Terms

Tackling a translation containing technical terms requires both linguistic knowledge and a broad understanding of technical language. This is a type of specialized translation, characterized by content full of terminology exclusive to the field in...

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The Fundamental Role of Translation in International Business

In today's globalized world, the challenges of expanding operations and effective communication across language barriers have become paramount for businesses worldwide. As companies increasingly interact with diverse cultures and markets, the...

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Pangeanic: forward-looking translation service company

Our mission: "We believe in work well done, in work done by people, for people, combining Artificial Intelligence and humans".

That's Pangeanic! We work to democratize Artificial Intelligence through personalization for each user experience: Data...

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English euphemisms: what are the most common euphemisms?

Common euphemisms in English normally concern religion, death or sex. Examples of these euphemisms are to sleep with instead of to have sexual intercourse with; departed for dead; and to relieve oneself for to urinate.

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What languages are read right to left?

Many modern languages, especially in the Western world, originated from Latin and Greek. The reason for Latin and Greek being read left to right is not particularly well known, but an important theory is that the medium of writing strongly...

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