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Pangeanic wins language services tender from the Government of Catalonia

Pangeanic has won the tender from the Department of Equality and Feminism Affairs (Departament d'Igualtat i Feminismes)  the  of the Government of Catalonia to offer language support services for translation, post-editing and proofreading.

As a...

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The Beauty of Tagalog: History, Features, and Requirements for Accurate English-Tagalog Translation Services

Tagalog is an Austronesian language spoken mainly in the Philippines that has a rich history dating back to the 16th century. With over 22 million speakers globally, and the Philippines becoming a hub for international marketing and tourism, it's no...

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A Guide for Foreigners to the Challenges of Japanese Translation

Without a doubt, accurate Japanese translation is one the highest challenges a translation company or a translation department will face, since the language is known for its uniqueness, complexity and nuance. Conveying the intended meaning and...

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The Turkish Language and… How Many Languages Are Spoken in Turkey?

Although often seen as a very homogeneous country, Turkey’s linguistic diversity is second-to-none. Turkey boasts a wide range of languages spoken by various ethnic groups. But how many languages are spoken in Turkey, exactly? This article provides...

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How Many French Translators Are There in European Institutions?

In the context of the European Union and its institutions, effective and precise communication among member states is essential. One of the fundamental aspects of achieving this communication is the translation of documents and texts into different...

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Certified Translation Services: Everything You Need to Know

It is not all just about translating. Translation service providers must also implement robust quality control processes, possess the necessary technical and human resources for seamless project execution, maintain open and effective communication...

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10 Tips for Choosing a Quality Interpreting Service

What does interpreting entail?

Interpreting is an essential tool for people who need to communicate with those who speak different languages. Professional interpreters can provide an instant, accurate and fluent translation of conversations,...

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5 Reasons for Using a Professional Translation Service

In today's competitive and globalized world, using a professional translation service has become a necessity for companies wishing to expand into foreign markets.

While some opt for ad hoc solutions or delegate translation to bilingual staff, we...

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What to Expect From a Human Translation Agency

As markets become globalized and society transforms into a huge multilingual community, companies, and organizations increasingly require the assistance of a human translation agency.

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Worst Translation Mistake in History

The U.S. National Security Agency has declassified a document that points to what could be the worst translation mistake in history.Or, at least, a mistake that led to what may have been the most serious consequences in the history of translation....

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