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Certified Translation Services: Everything You Need to Know

It is not all just about translating. Translation service providers must also implement robust quality control processes, possess the necessary technical and human resources for seamless project execution, maintain open and effective communication with clients, and ensure the utmost security for the information entrusted to them.

And to prove all this, there are various certifications in the field of translation, quality management and data protection

But let's explore further the significance of certification within this industry and the benefits that come with choosing a certified translation service provider.


The importance of certified translation

The fact that a translation agency is certified is a guarantee that it is strongly committed to offering quality, accuracy, consistency and security in each of its projects. 

In terms of translation services, the ISO 17100 certification is a mark of excellence that guarantees, above all, the high quality of the translation and the implementation of various quality checks at each stage of translation and proofreading. 

A certified translation agency provides clients with flawless projects, featuring accurate and consistent terminology, and content tailored to the cultural and linguistic intricacies of the intended audience or country, while preserving the essence of the brand.

Basically, certifications demonstrate a translation service provider's strong ability to optimally manage its translation processes and full suitability for the target language, quality assurance and final project approval. This is achieved through the expertise of skilled translators and linguists, ensuring the involvement of professionals, and safeguarding the confidentiality of personal and sensitive information.

In addition, certifications are synonymous with the fact that translation agencies base their management strategies on continuous process improvement and customer satisfaction. 

As a result, certifications allow organizations requiring translation services to verify the quality levels of suppliers, compare them and choose the best partner to deliver their message in other languages.


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Benefits of working with a certified translation agency

A certified translation agency helps companies achieve their strategic objectives. Certifications are a guarantee of high-quality translation services and truly effective procedures and controls. 

Companies that choose a certified translation agency have the peace of mind of working with a partner that understands the challenges involved in international operations and that also allows them to increase the trust of their foreign partners and clients. 

It is no secret that translation errors can hinder the development or expansion of a business and make it difficult to adapt a product to a new market, among other consequences.

For example, an incorrect translation of legal documents, such as contracts, not only generates confusion between the parties, but can also cause significant financial losses. 

If the necessary quality controls are not carried out, companies can be penalized for violations of the target country's regulations, be forced to face legal disputes and even suffer serious reputational damage. 

Consequently, companies from any industry should choose certified translation agencies. These are agencies that carry out an exhaustive control of the translation process to detect and correct any stylistic or linguistic details that may affect the accuracy and reliability of the content in the new language. A process that can only be accredited through certifications. 

When companies or organizations work hand in hand with a certified translation agency, they obtain the following benefits:

  • The translation project will be carried out by expert and specialized translators. A supplier of certified translation services works only with professional translators who specialize in various technical, scientific or technological areas to provide high-quality and accurate translations in specific fields (medical, legal, financial, etc.) and official translations.

  • Localization strategies. A certified translation service provider performs the translation taking into account all the particularities of the target audience's culture, habits, behaviors, local SEO, etc. In this way, the content can be fully adapted to the new target country and facilitate the international expansion of the client's brand.

  • Extensive language coverage. Certified translation providers can translate into any language and offer hundreds of language combinations, always guaranteeing high quality and speed. 

  • Translation in various specialized fields. Certified translation services guarantee accuracy in any project involving specialized areas, such as legal translations, software translations and official or sworn translations.

  • Information security. Translation companies that hold all certifications guarantee their clients that any operation involving communication, data exchange or use of technological tools will comply with information security and data privacy standards in Europe and the rest of the world.


What are ISO Standards in the translation service industry?

ISO certifications that apply in the field of translation services are documents that certify compliance with international ISO quality standards (International Organization for Standardization) for:

  • Ensuring the execution of a rigorous translation process, in which the phases of translation, verification, checking and validation of the accuracy and suitability of the content for the target language are fulfilled (ISO 17100 certification).

  • Satisfying customer requirements (ISO 9001 certification).

ISO 17100 is an international standard governing translation services. It establishes the requirements that a translation agency must meet to ensure the quality of its translation projects and service delivery. 

If an agency is 17100 certified, it means that it complies with international standards in all aspects associated with translation, including:

  • The qualifications of the professionals in charge of translations, revisions or project management.

  • The technological resources that guarantee the project efficiency and information security.

  • Execution and control of operating procedures, both technical and administrative.  

In addition, in this industry, it is also important to hold other ISO certifications. For example:

  • Certifications that showcase how certified translation services ensure information security in digital realms (such as the ISO 27001 certification).

  • Those certifying the improvement in environmental management (ISO 14001 certification).


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Pangeanic has all the important ISOs in the industry

At Pangeanic, we put quality and our clients' needs at the center of all our processes. This is why we have all the certifications in terms of translation, quality, safety and environmental management that accredit us as a reliable translation company, among the 30 best in the world, and with a consistent management for your project and your brand.

Our processes are audited and we obtain the continuous renewal of the following ISO certifications:

  • ISO 17100, which certifies the quality of our translation services. As a certified translation agency, we ensure that we provide the highest level of service. We carry out an exhaustive quality control process for each project, which includes reading the translation, checking its accuracy and testing and approving its suitability for the target language. In addition, the process of proofreading and approving the translation by an independent linguist is part of our quality control routine. 

  • ISO 13485, demonstrating excellence in translation services specialized in the medical field.

  • ISO 9001, because our management allows us to offer clients a high-quality translation service that meets their expectations.

  • ISO 27001, which shows the effectiveness of our policies to ensure information security and privacy compliance in our translation services, anonymization services and throughout our technology platform.

  • ISO 18587, which certifies the quality of our post-editing process for machine translation results.

  • ISO 14001, which reflects our commitment to reduce our impact on the environment through continuous improvement.


If you would like to benefit from our certified translation services, contact us. As a certified translation agency, we comply with international standards and ensure the highest quality in your projects.