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What to Expect From a Human Translation Agency

As markets become globalized and society transforms into a huge multilingual community, companies, and organizations increasingly require the assistance of a human translation agency. 

But an agency that is capable of offering access to specialized professional translators and the most advanced technology to streamline translation processes and minimize costs. 
How do you choose the most suitable human translation services? What advantages can this type of language service provider offer? In this article, we will clear up all these doubts. 


Aspects to consider when choosing a human translation agency 

Selecting one human translation agency or another depends to a large extent on the services that are needed. However, it is always a good idea to choose a translation company that offers high-quality results and that you can trust. For this reason, it is important that the agency offers the following aspects. 

Native and specialized translators  

These professional linguists have in-depth knowledge of their mother tongue and of the cultural, political and social aspects of their country of origin. Therefore, they adapt the content to the target language so that the message is captured without errors in the target market. 

In addition, they are translators who specialize in certain highly relevant fields, guaranteeing a quality translation, with professional, consistent, and precise vocabulary. For example, when translating legal documents, medical reports, or technology guides. 

CAT tools  

Computer-assisted translation (CAT) allows human translation agencies to use tools such as translation memories (TMs) or terminology glossaries (TBs). These translation solutions provide human translators with practical elements that streamline processes and accelerate delivery times. 

Quality control tools  

Translation companies must use quality assurance (QA) tools, in order to apply quality controls to check the human translation or machine translation post-editing results. 

Machine translation  

Machine translation (MT) is based on the use of algorithms designed to provide instant translations. 

However, in order not to diminish the quality of the translation, the language service provider must apply this technology only to facilitate professional human translation. Texts translated with MT must subsequently undergo human post-editing 

Website translation 

In order to provide website translation services, a human translation agency must have processes and technologies that allow it to carry out comprehensive management that includes: content analysis, localization, SEO analysis, etc.  


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Advantages of using a translation services company  

No matter the translation needs you may have, whether it be the translation of a website, a product catalog or a complete and specialized project, such as marketing, a translation company must always: 

  • Add value. Translation companies are interested in getting to know their clients and understanding their needs. As a result, they function as collaborative partners, working together to generate value and deliver the highest quality service. 

  • Understand business dynamics. It is worth mentioning that language service providers are businesses, and as such, they understand the timing, parameters, speed, and responsibility that their client faces. 

  • Help save time. Outsourcing language services frees organizations from managing the translation themselves. Therefore, organizations can reschedule their time to focus on tasks of greater internal relevance. 

  • Provide a quick response. In addition to offering a quality translation fully adapted to the target market, language service providers use translation solutions (translation memories, machine translation, etc.) to quickly manage the translation process. 

  • Offer guidance. Translation companies help their clients to choose the most appropriate services. In addition, they can provide you with advice on the requirements that must be met in the target market. 

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Quality translation in a human translation agency 

Thanks to the many native and specialized translators that a translation agency has, it can guarantee that each translation project is carried out by the expert most suited to the content requirements and the client's needs. 

Additionally, these language service providers carry out rigorous quality control in their translation processes to deliver only optimal results. During the translation process, the context of the message is taken into account and the appropriate nuances are used to offer maximum precision in the content. Precision and quality that only a human translator can provide. 


What services are most in-demand for a human translation service company? 

Among the most requested human translation services, we can find: 

  • Document translation for specialized sectors, including: 

    • Technical translation of documents such as user manuals, patents, etc. 

    • Legal translation of documents such as contracts.  

    • Medical translation of documents such as scientific publications. 

    • Literary translation.  

    • Financial translation for banks, insurance companies, multinational companies, etc. 

  • Commercial translation for e-commerce content and web pages. 

  • Post-editing is a service that combines machine translation and human translation.  

  • Transcription services to transform a video or audio into text. 

  • Anonymization to comply with data protection. 

  • Revision or editing. 

  • Localization of projects and products, etc. 


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Pangeanic, the human translation agency that your company needs 

We are a human translation agency that combines artificial intelligence with human ingenuity. 

At Pangeanic, we have over 25,000 specialized native translators with experience in a wide variety of sectors, who provide precision and quality in each translation project. 

In addition, we offer an advanced technology platform based on AI, so we combine human translation with machine translation, proofing, and terminology management solutions that allow faster turnaround time. 


Contact us if you want the quality of human translation combined with the speed of machine translation. At Pangeanic, we give you the best of both worlds.