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5 Reasons for Using a Professional Translation Service

In today's competitive and globalized world, using a professional translation service has become a necessity for companies wishing to expand into foreign markets.

While some opt for ad hoc solutions or delegate translation to bilingual staff, we will show you five solid reasons why relying on a professional translation service can make all the difference and provide significant advantages over competitors.

1. Experience with similar projects

By choosing a professional translation service from the start, you have access to vast amounts of knowledge and experience from professionals who have worked on similar projects. These experts not only speak your clients’ languages, but also understand the cultural sensitivities that affect translations.

They will provide valuable advice on efficient translation workflows and globalization strategies, avoiding common mistakes and ensuring that documents, marketing materials or other content are suitable for foreign markets.

Companies trying to manage translation in-house often face challenges scaling up as their business grows. Lack of resources and delegation of translation to non-specialist staff can lead to missed deadlines and errors in translations.

In contrast, a professional translation service with a good reputation has a wide network of competent translators who have experience in different fields of business.


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2. Specialized professional translators

Having specialized professional translators provides countless benefits for any company or project. These experts, highly trained in their field, ensure impeccable linguistic accuracy and an in-depth understanding of industry-specific technical terminology.

A professional translation service offers a network of expert translators in various branches of translation and the most suitable professional will be chosen for your project. It can be technical, medical, legal, audiovisual, or marketing translation, among many others.

By relying on their expertise, companies can establish a strong brand image and communicate effectively in any language, powering growth and success internationally.


3. Efficiency and technological adaptation

Professional translation services are characterized by their efficiency and technological adaptation, supported by advanced computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools and solid project management. These tools allow large volumes of content to be managed quickly and accurately, optimizing workflows and reducing delivery times.

Project management in the hands of experienced professionals ensures effective coordination between teams of translators and proofreaders, ensuring the consistency and quality of the final work. In addition, automation and constant updating of translation technologies improve efficiency and lower costs, which translates into significant savings for companies.

With today's technological advances, the combination of machine translation and human intervention offers a powerful solution. Technology streamlines the process, while translators provide accuracy and cultural context, ensuring high-quality translations tailored to the specific needs of each project.


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4. Differentiation and quality guaranteed

Choosing to use a translation service is only the first step; the key is to select a reputable translation agency. A reliable provider offers highly qualified translators, with extensive experience and knowledge in various areas. The focus on linguistic accuracy, cultural relevancy and terminological consistency ensures that the message is conveyed accurately and perfectly tailored to the target audience.

In addition, a reputable agency offers a rigorous review and correction process, ensuring that the documents delivered meet the highest quality standards. By delegating the translation task to experts, you ensure that communication with foreign clients is effective and brand perception in the global market is improved.


5. Confidentiality and data security

In professional translation services, confidentiality and security in data management are priorities. There could be serious consequences if the people handling your translations are not aware of the dangers of data protection breaches.

Agencies employ strict measures to protect their clients' sensitive information, such as confidentiality agreements with their translators and employees. In addition, they implement secure and encrypted storage systems to safeguard documents and ensure that leaks or unauthorized access do not occur.

Proper handling of sensitive data is crucial, especially in regulated sectors such as legal, medical or financial.


How can Pangeanic help you with your translation needs?

Pangeanic’s secret is a team of native translators with extensive experience in various sectors of activity who are responsible for providing professional, accurate and fluent translations in a variety of languages.

We have a pool of over 25,000 native translators with experience in a wide variety of sectors such as medicine, technology, legal, marketing, finance, among others.

In addition to translation, we offer proofreading and editing services by experts with demonstrable experience. We provide post-editing of the results of our own machine translation engines with complete data security. We can customize all our language solutions to offer you a service tailored to your company's needs.

Contact us and an expert will advise you on the services that best suit your needs. Let us take your company to the next level!


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