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How Synthetic Data and Human IP-Clear Data Can Boost StartUps’ AI Projects

Artificial intelligence (AI) and particularly NLP applications like GenAI have taken the world by surprise from the end of 2022. They really shook R&D plans in 2023: Microsoft snapped a $10Bn deal with OpenAI for the customized use of its ChatGPT...

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Advantages and Disadvantages of LLM Machine Translation versus Neural Machine Translation

2023 will be remembered for the two methodologies that have emerged as leaders: Large Language Models (LLMs) and Neural Machine Translation (NMT) systems.

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AutoML and LLM Self-Training: Maintaining Data Privacy in the AI Revolution

Data is the fuel powering the AI revolution. However, organizations face a growing challenge: sharing their data with large tech giants for AI model training often means compromising the privacy of their users or sensitive business information. In...

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What is OCR (Optical Character Recognition)?

Optical character recognition (OCR) is a tool that uses artificial intelligence algorithms and models to convert images of printed or handwritten text into editable text.

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Asian Parallel Corpora: The Availability Challenge and the Imperative of Human Curation

The proliferation of machine translation systems has surged in the global digital landscape, powered primarily by advancements in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). While these systems exhibit remarkable abilities in...

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What Is an NLP Practitioner and How to Become One

We will explain what the figure of the NLP practitioner is, how it is characterized, how someone can be trained for it, what requirements must be met, etc.

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Steps and Best Practices in AI Model Training

Artificial intelligence model training is a process in which an algorithm is taught to correctly interpret data and make accurate decisions based on that data, in order to solve certain tasks.

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Transfer Learning From Large Language Models: Improving NLP Models With Preset Knowledge

Transfer learning from large language modelsis behind a multitude of successful launches and applications in recent times. While transfer learningas a concept is not new, its application to natural language processing is now opening particularly...

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Generative AI: Privacy, Data Protection and How  it Can Affect your Business

Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) uses deep learning to create new content in various formats. It is based on neural networks, a machine-learning process that mimics the way a human brain learns. By analyzing and training user input data ...

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Generative AI and Copyright Issues

Generative artificial intelligence (ChatGPT, for example) has become very promising for researchers and content creators of all kinds. However, it also poses some risks yet to be explored, such as copyright infringement, among others. As AI tools...

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