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How Much Do Translators Make?

Are you an aspiring translator hoping to hit the jackpot with your translator salary? Or a potential translation student wondering "how much do translators make?" The myths about the highest paying translation languages can scare potential clients...

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What Is Diglossia and How Does it Affect Translation?

Derived from the Greek word διγλωσσία, which is defined as bilingualism, diglossia is a linguistic phenomenon in which a language has two varieties often labeled as a high variety ("H") and a low variety ("L").

The specialized meaning of the term...

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Nordic languages, some facts about them

The North Germanic languages are sometimes called the Nordic languages and comprise of Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish ( Finnish is not one of them!). These languages are not under the umbrella of the Scandinavian languages as this refers to the...

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Brexit: the demise of English as an international language?

Much has been said about what may happen to the English language and the need for English translations once the UK is no longer a member of the European Union. One of the unforeseen consequences of Brexit is that Great Britain will no longer have...
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The Top Benefits of Using a Professional Japanese Translation Service

Many people wonder why they need to use a professional translation service. After all, an online translation tool could do just as well, couldn't it? Unfortunately, that line of thought couldn't be more wrong. Tools such as Google Translate can help...

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India needs more translation into European languages to advance its economic weight

The last decade has been great for India. Not only its economy has grown, but we can already see Indian heads at most big companies in the US and other countries, as CEO's or key personnel. This is not surprising: when we look at the recent...

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Japanese Translation Website Services is very important, but why?

Though it may seem to us that English is the universal language of the Internet, there are many societies that are deeply rooted in their culture and language. People in these societies are a potential consumer or user base for many businesses, but...

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Papua New Guinea is the country with the highest level of language diversity

Most people, even those who are not necessarily linguistic experts or translation professionals, know that there are thousands of languages in the world: around 7,000 languages classified as such. Every time a language becomes extinct, humankind...

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6 Big Industries that can benefit from language translation services

2015: we have been living in a digital age for a couple of decades now. We are dwelling in a world where major cities of the world have turned into global communities. People from several countries living or visiting the same geographic area are a...

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Computer-Assisted Translation Tools: What Is a CAT Tool?

Using a computer-assisted translation tool, abbreviated as CAT tool, is a process that includes the use of software to aid individuals in translating. In case of time constraints, a computer-assisted translation tool can effectively reduce...

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