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10 consequences of excessive specialization that hinder professional careers

In professional fields, specializing in a specific sector has often been touted as a surefire path to success and recognition.

Extensive experience in a particular field has always been a way to strengthen personal branding and boost career...

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How Synthetic Data and Human IP-Clear Data Can Boost StartUps’ AI Projects

Artificial intelligence (AI) and particularly NLP applications like GenAI have taken the world by surprise from the end of 2022. They really shook R&D plans in 2023: Microsoft snapped a $10Bn deal with OpenAI for the customized use of its ChatGPT...

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The Importance of Human Parallel Data and Translations in Training MT Systems

It is a rare occurrence to find a spare 30 minutes in Manuel Herranz's busy schedule as Pangeanic's CEO. However, the topic of today's interview holds significant value for audiences who have been exploring Large Language Models, GenAI, and AI in...

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Audio Data Augmentation: Techniques and Methods

Data augmentation is a technique commonly used in machine learning and computer visionto artificially increase the size and diversity of a training data set. It consists of applying several transformations or modifications to existing data samples,...

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The Creation of Custom Data Sets to Meet Customer Needs: The BSC Project

Rapidly advancing technology and the growing need for accurate and efficient data analysis have led organizations to seek customized data sets tailored to their specific needs. 

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Synthetic Data vs Anonymized Data

What is synthetic data?

Synthetic data is data that has been artificially generated from a model trained to reproduce the characteristics and structure of the original data.

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Tips for Creating Accurate and Useful Image Data Sets

Computer vision data sets are essential for training machine learning models to detect objects, faces, and other visual features. However, it can be difficult to know what to annotate and how to do it correctly.

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Data Discovery and Anonymization Toolkits

These days, intelligent data discovery tools allow organization leaders to accelerate analysis, benefit from AI-powered suggestions, detect what is most important in a timely manner, and perform the necessary actions or corrections.

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What Is Bias and How Do We Perceive It?

The term bias is defined as a distortion of judgment in favor of or against something or someone. There are various subgroups and types of biases, such as gender bias or cultural, political, statistical, or cognitive biases, etc.

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6 Personal Data Anonymization Techniques You Should Know About

Organizations generate and store a large amount ofinformation across their departments, from personal data to purchasing behavior and location details. This information can be very valuable when carrying out research and development projects,...

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