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Proofreading Rates: How much should I charge to proofread a translation?

Proofreading can be an important stage of your translation project because it detects mistakes the translator may have been blind to.

Performing a thorough proofreading of your content is instrumental in fixing any errors that might lead to...

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What are the best free online translation tools?

The best free online translation tools we gather here can come in handy when you need a gist translation of a written piece. It makes no sense to turn to professional translation services if all you need is the substance or general meaning of a text...

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How many hours does it take to translate 1000 words?

Translation turnaround times seem to be an important feature for many translation clients. The answer to the question "how many hours does it take to translate 1000 words?" can be a major determinant in the final approval of the translation project.

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Translation: Can you work from home as a translator?

Doing translation work from home seems like the perfect scenario for many linguists. The reason why so many translators lean toward this working mode is because it grants them freedom and a flexible working schedule.

On top of that, the idea of...

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What Is the Most Ancient Language in the World?

It's not every day that a document written in the most ancient language in the world is uncovered. This is what the famous Egyptian Museum of Cairo did in 2013 after a remarkable find in a cave at the port of Wadi al-Jarf, near the Red Sea.


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Inverse translation: the more challenging direction

In translation studies, the term "inverse translation" is used when referring to the act of translating from one's mother tongue into another working language.

The opposite is labeled as "direct translation", where the translator operates from one...

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Fast Translate: How to translate faster

Freelance translators are aware that the size of their income correlates to the amount of work they can get done. Not many translators are fortunate enough to generate an applaudable amount of money by translating 1000 words a day. Franklin Benjamin...

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Arabic Translation: An Overview of Arabic Dialects

Don't let the title fool you; Arabic cannot be made easy. But we can shed some light on a few things if you are unsure about the Arabic dialects you should learn. Or if you are searching for Arabic translation services, we can lend a helping hand...
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Translate medical terms: how words can save your life

Imagine you're an 18-year-old enjoying a night out with your friends. Everything is normal until you start having a splitting headache. You are in your friend's car on your way to your girlfriend's house. You blame the headache on the smell of...
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English to German Translator: Here's your German Translators Team!

"Can you translate English to German?", "Can you provide certified English to German translations?", "I need to translate legal documents from German into English" or "We have a website for which we need a quality German translation" are some of the...

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