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What Is Statistical Machine Translation?

Statistical machine translation, known asSMT or StatMT, is an approach to machine translation which yields the most probable output (translation) of each element that makes up a sentence. It is based on the use of statistical models that analyze...

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What Is Bias and How Do We Perceive It?

The term bias is defined as a distortion of judgment in favor of or against something or someone. There are various subgroups and types of biases, such as gender bias or cultural, political, statistical, or cognitive biases, etc.

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How Can a Language Detector Help Your Company?

In today’s digital and globalized markets, a language detector or identifier is essential for companies operating in multilingual business ecosystems. 

In this way, information from business e-mails, chats, and texts can be prepared and correctly...

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Discover k-Anonymity, a Property of Anonymized Data

k-anonymity is a concept linked to privacy and information security, involving "hiding" values within a multitude of data.

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AI Translation: The Future of Language Learning

Machine translation (MT) is not new. In fact, it has been around for more than half a century. However, significant advances have only recently simulated human reasoning. This is due to the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence and its neural...

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7 fields in which organizations benefit from Natural Language Processing software

Language comprises a huge body of words and sentences packed with complexities and irregularities that humans take years and years to learn. And while structured data has long been leveraged on, unstructured data is way more ambiguous and difficult...

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5 factors to consider if you are looking for video game translation services

The video game industry is immersed in spectacular growth (more than 20% annually), both in sales and in new game development and, in countries such as the USA, it already exceeds the turnover of powerful industries, such as cinema or sports. 

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Ensuring quality medical translations according to the new MDR and IVDR regulations

What does medical translation involve?

Medical translation has always required, but today more than ever, precision and up-to-date technical knowledge, as well as high levels of quality control and understanding of the legal and regulatory context.

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How to make the most of AI-based translation: pros and cons

The basis of any effective strategy whose objective is to internationalize a business is communication. Suppliers, distributors and potential customers increasingly look for information in their own language in order to feel more comfortable and...

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The importance of Data Cleansing in MT and Deep Learning

Data cleansing is an essential step in the search for any type of data validation. This also includes the processes related to language technologies, encompassing both Machine Translation and Deep Learning procedures associated with it.

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