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463 Exabyte Reasons to Start Anonymizing Now

Throughout society, data impacts every aspect of our lives, whether we are aware of it or not. Each day 306 billion emails are sent, 95 million photos or videos are uploaded, and 26 billion IoT devices are in circulation. (Source: World Economic...

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AI will read text to discover information for you

In the first of a series of interviews with Pangeanic's key R&D and technology product team, we discover the "inside" view of our developers and visionaries as experts. In this new interview, we talk to Manuel Herranz, CEO of the company to tell us...

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We’re growing as a NLP company and say "Hello" to Marina Souto, our new Machine Learning Engineer

We are proud to announce that Pangeanic is expanding! With Business Interactive Japan Takeover and launching a series of projects focused on new market needs. At Pangeanic, we aim to put forward unique alternatives and global solutions for natural...

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Artificial Intelligence applied to Machine Translation at FITUR 2021

From 19 to 23 May, the new edition of FITUR will be held. A meeting between professionals that will allow to know the new language technology tools developed by Pangeanic and how they can open new ways of prosperity in the sector.

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Challenge 2020 and Opportunities - A review by Manuel Herranz

2020 has created many translate challenges like other industries and professions. We asked Manuel Herranz, Pangeanic's CEO to review the best and the worst of the year, and the challenges ahead.

How has 2020 affected the language industry?


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Remote work companies: A growing opportunity for digital data companies

2019 was an exciting year, with more and more challenges, integrations and developments in the language technology space. We witnessed the rise, rise and further rise of Neural Machine Translation. Covid-19 has changed many plans and disrupted...

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Steps for quality translation services

Quality translation services generally consist of three steps: translation, editing and proofreading.

For projects with a large volume of words or technical translations, it is convenient to add one more step to ensure that the final quality step...

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Working from home productivity: how to stay productive while on lockdown

Is possible to boost working from home productivity? While working from home can be someone's productivity booster, it can be someone else's distracting disaster. The experience of replacing office politics with the comfort of your own home might...

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Covid-19: Contingency and business continuity plan

Pangeanic has designed a comprehensive contingency and business continuity plan in place, which we are executing accordingly. Being a human-centric language services company, this means following WHO and health officials recommendations to take care...

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Languages spoken in Spain: How many are there?

"Bon dia! Egun on! Bo día!" are all acceptable forms of greeting in Spain; except for the fact that they derive from different languages that can be heard and seen in their respective homelands.

But if you speak fluent castellano, you are...

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