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Pangeanic, Gold Sponsor of the World AI Cannes Festival

As artificial intelligence (AI) technology developers, we at Pangeanic could not miss the opportunity to participate in the industry's flagship event: the World AI Cannes Festival (WAICF) . We have decided to become actively involved in this...
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Pangeanic returns to WMT 2021

The Workshop on Machine Translation (WMT) 2021 , a prestigious international event whose main objective is to present advances in machine translation research, was held last November. In addition, research groups had the possibility to submit a...
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2021: Challenges and Achievements for Pangeanic

2021 was a very special and productive year for Pangeanic, as we were able to put in place a series of events that helped us to reinforce the company's values , strengthen our brand and make important advances towards our goals and corporate...
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Asian languages: the real challenge for machine translation. Pangeanic at LocWorldWide.

LocWorldWide45 is an event that brings together the world's leading experts in translation and international business.

  Imagine a world where the boundaries between languages, cultures and markets do not exist. Now visualize a place where valuable...
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Human parity: the utopia of machine translation

One of the most ambitious concepts in the machine translation industry is human parity. In today's article, we explore the limits of machine translation and its future, which is getting closer and closer to utopia. 

What is human parity in machine...

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European Language Equality project – contribution to the impact of Machine Translation

Pangeanic is an industry partner on “Machine Translation: Contribution to Digital Language Equality and  Impact on Society” within the European Language Equality project.

The European Language Equality (ELE) project develops a strategic research,...
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ISO 9001:2015, why is it essential for a language service provider?

What are ISO standards? 

ISO standards ensure that worldwide quality and safety standards are met, bringing prestige to the company and a guarantee to the customer.  Compliance with ISO standards provides companies with standardized recognition of...
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Web Summit Lisbon 21; AI & Machine Learning in the tech industry

For four days, Lisbon will become the world capital of technology thanks to the Web Summit 2021 conference. From 1st to 4th November, more than 500 speakers and thousands of experts will explore the latest breakthroughs in innovation and development...
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The British Legal Technology Forum, Europe's leading legal IT event

The British Legal Technology Forum will bring together over 1,000 attendees from around the world to explore new trends in cybersecurity, data protection, and innovation in legal environments. Attendees will immerse themselves in lectures from...
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PangeaMT: at the forefront of machine translation development solutions

We're proud to present PangeaMT, the company's technology division and innovation hub driving Pangeanic's language processing solutions. PangeaMT is where Pangeanic's cutting-edge translation engines are created.  

How was Pangeanic's technology...

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