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CEO to Speak on AI's Role in Cultural Preservation at EU Language Tech Conference

Pangeanic is a leading provider of language technology solutions. We are proud to announce that our CEO, Manuel Herranz, has been invited to speak at the upcoming Language Technology Landscape Conference hosted by the European Commission and Nimdzi Insights.

The virtual conference, taking place on June 18th, 2024, will disseminate the interim findings from the first year of the European Commission's comprehensive Market Study on Language Technologies. As a key participant in this study, Pangeanic and Manuel Herranz have been asked to provide insights during the "Large Language Models and Foundational Language Technologies" session starting at 1:30pm CEST.

Herranz will discuss the immense potential of AI technologies like large language models for preserving cultural and linguistic diversity, especially for lower-resource languages. His talk will explore how the mathematical foundations of language can be "decoded" through AI, building on the decades of experience with machine translation as an initial step.

"Language is far more than just an expression of human intellect - it is a product and service that is pivotal to entire industries," said Herranz. "By leveraging AI's cross-lingual capabilities, we can 'fix' language repositories and boost language production for lesser-resourced tongues across Europe and globally. This is a powerful avenue for cultural preservation.The Language Landscape Technology Conference aims to bring together developers, buyers, and users of language technology solutions from the private and public sectors worldwide. Other sessions will cover trends in machine translation, speech recognition, content generation, and more.

Don't miss this opportunity to hear Pangeanic's vision for using cutting-edge AI to preserve global cultures and languages and how technology can help to produce more content in more languages –from translation to generation. The conference will be streamed online - register today at


About the language technology market study EU project

This EU-sponsored market study aims to map the current landscape of language technology (LT) and provide an overview of the most relevant market trends. For example, there is a special emphasis on the European LT market to understand how competitive and influential European actors are and assess the development potential in the global LT market.

 The overall goal of the language technology market study is to raise awareness about LT and its potential, helping stakeholders and investors get an accurate, up-to-date view of market needs and trends.

The questions the study  will answer include defining LT, the current state of development, anticipated future development, key actors shaping LT's future, supply vs demand balance, and availability of LT across 24 EU languages. A survey of LT suppliers was conducted in February 2024 to collect data for analysis. 

The final market study report and wide dissemination of results is planned for spring 2025 after the preliminary study is complemented and updated.

This is part of the 2022 Language Technology Solutions call under the DIGITAL Europe Programme focused on language technologies.