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Group-Q, Pangeanic's Partner for Advanced AI Language Solutions & GenAI

Group-Q, a premier distributor of cutting-edge technology solutions, has inked an exclusive strategic partnership agreement with language technology company Pangeanic, a worldwide leader in natural language processing (NLP) solutions and GenAI for language technologies. 

This collaboration allows Group-Q to offer Pangeanic's advanced language technology products to organizations across North America and beyond.

The partnership will offer Pangeanic's industry-leading linguistic artificial intelligence solutions to the clients and large companies that Group-Q works with. Group-Q will also offer the technology to translation companies in their transition and transformation into multilingual content management companies (sometimes in parallel, creating content in one language and co-creating in another). Alliances will also be sought with translation management system (TMS) and language technology companies looking for innovation to further accelerate business growth with:

  • ECOChat: An innovative virtual data assistant that enables organizations to "converse with their data", starting from website content, and extract valuable insights from multilingual data sets, all while ensuring complete data privacy. 

    ECOChat leverages Pangeanic's multilingual machine translation models supporting over 200 languages so users can chat with web content and data repositories even in languages different from the source content.

  • Custom and Deep Adaptive Machine Translation: Highly accurate neural machine translation tailored to each customer's specific industry, domain, and language requirements.

  • AutoPE: The newest addition to the tech stack, leveraging tailored RAG systems and terminology control for automatic post-editing of MT.

  • PECAT as a multimodal annotation tool. 

  • Masker: A state-of-the-art data anonymization and masking solution that automatically identifies and safeguards sensitive personal data to ensure regulatory compliance around data privacy.

"We are proud and thrilled to incorporate Pangeanic's advanced solutions into Group-Q's portfolio,"

"Today's organizations are seeking to enhance operations and scale, and the ability to deliver content in any language and seamlessly interact with and derive insights from multilingual data are key to this. Pangeanic's solutions will offer our clients novel ways to innovate and reveal opportunities for growth."

Said Diane McAveeney, Founder and CEO of Group-Q.

"Our partnership with Group-Q marks an important step in making our language technologies accessible to more organizations across North America and beyond,"

"With Group-Q's established market presence and expertise, this partnership will help Pangeanic reach new markets and support more companies with their global expansion and communication efforts."

Said Manuel Herranz, CEO of Pangeanic.

The partnership launched on June 1, 2024, with both companies working closely to bring these transformative language AI solutions to the market.

About Group-Q
Founded in 2019, Group-Q has 20 years of experience working with top Global Brands. As architects of global growth, the team has proven track records in translation, software localization, globalization, marketing, and go-to-market operations. Group-Q supports CEOs, Global Managers, and Sourcing Teams to align client business needs with state-of-the-art industry capabilities in service and technology. (

About Pangeanic
Pangeanic is a leader in NLP and GenAI technologies applied to language technologies, enabling organizations to seamlessly interact with, translate, and safeguard multilingual data assets. With a focus on innovation, Pangeanic empowers businesses to leverage their data and succeed in the global market.

(ECOChat is a trademark of Pangeanic.)