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Joining ValgrAI will enhance AI capabilities and strengthen ecosystem

Pangeanic has recently established a sponsorship collaboration withThe ValgrAI Foundation (Valencian Graduate School and Research Network of Artificial Intelligence) in a joint effort to boost specialized research and training in private GenAI, Natural Language Processing, speech technologies and other fields of interest to the company. This agreement translates into support for the educational, formative, and research activities promoted by ValgrAI to position Valencia as a reference region in Artificial Intelligence development.


The collaboration between Pangeanic and the ValgrAI Foundation represents a significant development in the field of artificial intelligence and language technology, particularly in the Valencian Region. Pangeanic, a leader in language technologies and AI solutions, has made a strategic donation to ValgrAI, enabling the non-profit to not only sustain its current operations but also expand its programs and promote cutting-edge research projects. This partnership underscores the company's commitment to overcoming language barriers and enhancing global communication efficiency, leveraging its expertise in machine translation and large-scale text processing.

Pangeanic will fund the ValgrAI Foundation so it maintains its current pace of activities and expands its reach by creating new training programs and promoting AI research projects that could revolutionize the industry. Thus, Pangeanic joins other member companies of this non-profit foundation, which include: Balearia, IVIRMA, Indaws, Hewlett Packard, Hidraqua, Idrica, Nunsys, and S2 Grupo and Ford Motor Company as a regular invitee.

ValgrAI is a non-profit foundation supported  by the local government (Generalitat Valenciana) and the five public universities of the Valencian Region (University of Valencia, Polytechnic University of Valencia, University of Alicante, Jaume I University, and Miguel Hernández University). The foundation coordinates Artificial Intelligence research in the Valencian Region.

Ana Cidad, Managing Director of ValgrAI, views Pangeanic's support as a vital boost for the region's AI research and education efforts. She emphasized “the importance of such contributions in helping the Valencian Region become a benchmark in artificial intelligence, harnessing local talent to shape the future of the industry”. Similarly, Manuel Herranz, CEO of Pangeanic, expressed a “strong commitment to supporting the scientific community and fostering innovation, highlighting AI's integral role in the company's ethos and its strategic importance for maintaining competitiveness”.

This initiative is part of a broader trend where private enterprises are increasingly expected to support educational and research institutions facing financial constraints. The collaboration between Pangeanic and other notable companies with ValgrAI demonstrates a growing recognition of the mutual benefits that such partnerships can deliver, not just in advancing technological capabilities but also in driving societal progress through education and research. This partnership model could serve as an inspiration for other regions and sectors, showing how strategic support from private entities can catalyze significant advancements in crucial fields like artificial intelligence.