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Pangeanic will sponsor EAMT 2024

As a leading company in language technologies, translation, and natural language processing (NLP), Pangeanic is proud to sponsor EAMT 2024, the annual conference of the European Association for Machine Translation that will take place from June 24 to 27 of 2024. This event brings together language professionals and industry experts to share knowledge, best practices, and innovations in the field.

Pangeanic has a long history of supporting and participating in initiatives that promote the advancement and dissemination of language technologies and NLP. We have been involved in various European projects such as MAPA (the creation of the world's first multilingual anonymization software), NTEU for neural machine translation now available in the European Language Grid and data and several others for Europeana. We contribute to the development of ethical and responsible AI by providing data annotation services, training datasets, fine-tuning, and evaluation of LLM.

We believe that language technologies and NLP can help connect people and businesses worldwide, creating AI-personalized experiences. Our star services include private multilingual GenAI chatbots, custom LLMs, machine translation, AI-assisted translation, and data anonymization. Our proprietary platforms ECO and PECAT run all these services with complete privacy, either in our cloud or as private SaaS.

We are excited to join EAMT 2024 and learn from the experiences and perspectives of other language professionals. We look forward to meeting there and exchanging ideas on how to make the most of language technologies and NLP for the benefit of society and culture. Additionally, we will present the latest advancements in LLM for translation in Sheffield. We will showcase some of our LLM-based solutions, such as ECO Chat, a custom LLM with multilingual chatbot and translation capabilities. We will also compare LLM-based translation with neural machine translation (NMT) and discuss how to enhance LLM performance for specific domains and languages. We invite you to this intriguing session and to discover how LLMs are revolutionizing translation.