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Automated text classification: discover the different methods and applications

An automatic text classification system can use rules, learn through training, or combine the best of both methods.

The truth is that if you are looking for an advantageous document classification system for your company, you must apply AI-based...

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Neural Networks and How They Work in Natural Language Processing

The structure of aneural network works through a training process, known as deep learning, a subfield of machine learning. This is artificial intelligence (AI) technology applied to neuro-linguistic programming. 

You may be wondering exactly what...

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The Importance of Intent Recognition in NLP

Technologies are constantly evolving and people are relying on them more and more for everyday tasks, which means that the volume and availability of text data keeps on growing exponentially. With the rise of online services, it has been difficult...

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How the New ChatGPT Will Send Ripples of Change Through the World as We Know It

The flood of articles, reviews, uses (sometimes humorous), anecdotes, fears and discomfort in the face of change seems to be dominating conversations between both friends and technology experts.

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Things You Need to Know About Machine Translation

Immediacy, privacy, personalization, flexibility and financial viability are just some of the advantages of machine translation. This technology can even facilitate the tasks associated with content management.

It's not just about converting words...

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Examples of Data Masking That Should Be Followed

It’s becoming increasingly necessary for companies to use data masking. Firstly, because there has been an increase in the number of cyberattacks on computer systems. Secondly, because it is essential to comply with the requirements of sensitive...

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Everything You Need to Know About Localization Strategy

A localization strategy allows companies to present themselves in a unique and marketable way to new audiences. This is a necessary strategy for the international expansion of any business, since the brand's global success will depend on its proper...

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What Is a Translation Memory and How Does It Work?

Saving time and money on translation projects, increasing the quality of the output text or allowing several translators to work on a project simultaneously are just some of the great advantages of using atranslation memory (TM).

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What Is Software Localization?

Software localization services facilitate global communication regardless of physical borders. They offer an advantage for the user and, mostly, for developers and companies providing online services and applications.

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