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The Disadvantages of Back Translation and Synthetic Data in Machine Translation Systems

What are back translation and synthetic data?

Back translation and synthetic data are two popular and common techniques used to augment training datasets for Machine Translation (MT) systems and to enhance their performance.

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The Importance of Human Parallel Data and Translations in Training MT Systems

It is a rare occurrence to find a spare 30 minutes in Manuel Herranz's busy schedule as Pangeanic's CEO. However, the topic of today's interview holds significant value for audiences who have been exploring Large Language Models, GenAI, and AI in...

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What Are Transformers in NLP: Benefits and Drawbacks

A Transformer is a type of deep learning architecture that uses an attention mechanism to process text sequences. Unlike traditional models based on recurrent neural networks, Transformers do not rely on sequential connections and are able to...

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Audio Data Augmentation: Techniques and Methods

Data augmentation is a technique commonly used in machine learning and computer visionto artificially increase the size and diversity of a training data set. It consists of applying several transformations or modifications to existing data samples,...

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The Advantages and Inconveniences of Human Translation: A Comparative Analysis

Human translation remains superior to machine translation (MT) because only human translation can achieve the quality necessary to preserve the style, tone and intent of the text to be translated. Machines are not capable of understanding at the...

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The Proofreading Phase in Translation: Importance and Best Practices for Quality Assurance

The proofreading phase in translation is an opportunity to perfect translated content and transcend boundaries, conveying the same message and intent to the target audience.

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The Creation of Custom Data Sets to Meet Customer Needs: The BSC Project

Rapidly advancing technology and the growing need for accurate and efficient data analysis have led organizations to seek customized data sets tailored to their specific needs. 

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Exploring the Differences Between Human Translation and Machine Translation

The technological advances that have occurred over the course of the last few decades have made it possible to optimize and streamline the work of human translators. One of these advances is machine translation (MT).

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Synthetic Data vs Anonymized Data

What is synthetic data?

Synthetic data is data that has been artificially generated from a model trained to reproduce the characteristics and structure of the original data.

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What Is Deep Learning and How Does It Improve Machine Translation?

The arrival of deep learning poses a particularly optimistic conundrum in the development of Artificial Intelligence: what if machines were capable of learning on their own, in the same way that we humans do?

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