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Synthetic Data vs Anonymized Data

What is synthetic data? 

Synthetic data is data that has been artificially generated from a model trained to reproduce the characteristics and structure of the original data. The goal is for the synthetic data to be sufficiently similar to the...

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Data Discovery and Anonymization Toolkits

These days, intelligent data discovery tools allow organization leaders to accelerate analysis, benefit from AI-powered suggestions, detect what is most important in a timely manner, and perform the necessary actions or corrections.

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Anonymizing Databases: Tools and Techniques


Anonymizing databases is a mechanism that ensures the confidentiality of personal information and involves techniques in which identifiers that allow the data to be linked with it's subject are encrypted, deleted, replaced or swapped.

It applies...

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Discover k-Anonymity, a Property of Anonymized Data

k-anonymity is a concept linked to privacy and information security, involving "hiding" values within a multitude of data.

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Latest developments and technology in personal data anonymization

The anonymization of personal data represents a set of techniques and methods used to guarantee the right to privacy of individuals against the use of their personal data by third parties. It is a methodology that minimizes the risks of an...

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How differential privacy complements anonymization to ensure data security

Undoubtedly, the intelligent use of data is a vital and strategic action for any company or research organization. However, this legitimate exploitation of data is limited by the need to preserve the right to privacy of data subjects.

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Industries in Which a Good Anonymization Tool Is Essential

Using a good data anonymization tool is crucial for protecting confidential data while preserving the reliability of the data that are collected and subjected to the various de-identification techniques.

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The Difference between PII and GDPR’s Personal Data

When we speak about PII and GDPR's personal data and privacy, we will find different terms according to the jurisdiction we deal with. Although the meaning is generally understood to be similar, there is often confusion between them and they...

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Discover the NER Model in Data Anonymization

The named entity recognition (NER) model is a natural language processing (NLP) application that has become the basis for certain automatic tasks, such as machine translation, information retrieval, and text anonymization.

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How to Comply With the GDPR When Processing Anonymized Data

Processing large volumes of data provides various benefits to any sector of society (the scientific, educational, financial, commercial, legal sectors, etc.). Thanks to these, significant advances can be made in the development of services and in...

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