Localization Industry Standards Association (LISA)

    There was a time when there was practically one, powerful, language industry organization. It was known as Localization Industry Standards Association[..]
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    Translation department or translation company: know MT

    If you run a translation company or translation department or have some sort of connection with the translation industry, you have noticed without a d[..]
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    MT wars: Final dominance by final technology?

    I must thank all contributors to the discussion as to "ownership" or "customization" by LSPs will be trend in the near future in LinkedIn. (  http://b[..]
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    MT Technology: Dominance by final technology?

    It is o n ly a few weeks since o ne of the major acquisitions in our industry in recent years  (MT technology provider Language Weaver by SDL) but sev[..]
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    Language Weaver Bought by SDL - Breaking News!

    by Elia Yuste & Manuel Herranz SDL announced the purchase of Language Weaver (LW) on Thursday 15th July 2010. General media as well as GILT indust[..]
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    Google Translate SDL involves sending data, do you want to keep doing that?

    by Elia Yuste & Manuel Herranz At Pangeanic most of our internal globalization production workflows are now driven by open-standard software, be i[..]
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    Languages on Google Translator: Minority languages ​​are also included

    Google has just added five new languages to its machine translation platform: Azerbaijani, Armenian, Basque, Urdu and Georgian. You can find the five [..]
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    New machine translation presented in TAUS Copenhagen 2010

    by Elia Yuste TAUS has been tracking the exciting experiences of companies pioneering in a radical new MT engine training space for the last year or s[..]
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    IMB translation tool: Lionbridge

    by Manuel Herranz The news of the month has undoubtedly been the announcement by Lionbridge to partner with IBM to develop (and probably offer) machin[..]
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    Real time machine translation power

    MT is in the news. On 4th March,  The Economist published a review of what the web might  feel like without linguistic barriers. "Cyber-multilinguism"[..]
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