CAT tool software is not good enough for Europe

    And why should it be? Decisions coming from Brussels tend to be misunderstood, shallowly analyzed or directly criticized whichever way the wind blows.
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    Localization World 2011- Interoperability and DIY SMT

    This is a summary of what has been learnt, discussed and exchanged during our attendance to both TAUS and LocWorld venues in Barcelona. It highlights [..]
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    Multilingual Web & Translator MT Awareness

    April was a busy month within the Northern-hemisphere, conference-rich season. Gala took place in Lisbon and, although Pangeanic - PangeaMT could not [..]
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    Localization Industry Standards Association (LISA)

    There was a time when there was practically one, powerful, language industry organization. It was known as Localization Industry Standards Association[..]
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    Translation department or translation company: know MT

    If you run a translation company or translation department or have some sort of connection with the translation industry, you have noticed without a d[..]
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    MT wars: Final dominance by final technology?

    I must thank all contributors to the discussion as to "ownership" or "customization" by LSPs will be trend in the near future in LinkedIn. (  http://b[..]
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    MT Technology: Dominance by final technology?

    It is o n ly a few weeks since o ne of the major acquisitions in our industry in recent years  (MT technology provider Language Weaver by SDL) but sev[..]
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    Language Weaver Bought by SDL - Breaking News!

    by Elia Yuste & Manuel Herranz SDL announced the purchase of Language Weaver (LW) on Thursday 15th July 2010. General media as well as GILT indust[..]
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    Google Translate SDL involves sending data, do you want to keep doing that?

    by Elia Yuste & Manuel Herranz At Pangeanic most of our internal globalization production workflows are now driven by open-standard software, be i[..]
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    Languages on Google Translator: Minority languages ​​are also included

    Google has just added five new languages to its machine translation platform: Azerbaijani, Armenian, Basque, Urdu and Georgian. You can find the five [..]
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