Malima Project Gouria supported by Pangeanic

    Dear Colleagues in Translation, As you know, Pangeanic is carrying out some work on the field for a small educational ONG in Valencia which has been w[..]
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    Bad practice in translation (and how machine translation can help)

    This is a copy of our posting in the LinkedIn group "Translation agencies bad practices". The question is "How much a translation agency pays on avera[..]
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    Machine translation technologies by Toshiba and Pangeanic

    Pangeanic’s R&D team and Toshiba’s Knowledge Media Laboratory have published a joint article describing an initial hybrid pilot setting the basis [..]
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    Machine translation research awarded by European Development Grants

    FEDER fund award to advance Automation Algorithms in re-training and self-learning process in Statistical Machine Translation Pangeanic has been award[..]
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    Machine translation solutions, presented on TAUS, LW Silicon Valley, Tekom and JTF

    Q4 was very intensive at Pangeanic, attending 4 conferences to promote the benefits of the DIY SMT concept in the US, Europe and Japan.  We will now s[..]
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    Chinese english machine translation: EPO & SIPO

    Major breakthrough in enhancement of the global patent system The European Patent Office and the State Intellectual Property Office of the People's Re[..]
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    Implementing machine translation

    Pangeanic has been invited as one of the 3 guest speakers at TMS Inspiration Days (19-20 April 2012) to showcase its transition from Language Service [..]
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    The science of machine translation

    One very important aspect that is often overlooked in the machine translation field and discussions is that machine translation is one variant of a mo[..]
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    Translators Without Borders supported by Pangeanic

    Pangeanic, a leading provider of machine-translation technologies and multilingual communication services worldwide, announced its financial support v[..]
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    Facebook post translation: a new benefit

    With over 750 million accounts, Facebook users span nearly every country in the world -and it has been ranked as the 7th most populated country in the[..]
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