7 fields in which organizations benefit from Natural Language Processing software

    Language comprises a huge body of words and sentences packed with complexities and irregularities that humans take years and years to learn. And while[..]
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    The Revolutionary Role of AI in Tourism

    More and more commercial and industrial sectors are stepping up their use of artificial intelligence (AI) to increase their operational capabilities, [..]
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    Industries in Which a Good Anonymization Tool Is Essential

    Using a good data anonymization tool is crucial for protecting confidential data while preserving the reliability of the data that are collected and s[..]
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    The Difference between PII and GDPR’s Personal Data

    When we speak about PII and GDPR's personal data and privacy, we will find different terms according to the jurisdiction we deal with. Although the me[..]
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    Discover the NER Model in Data Anonymization

    The named entity recognition (NER) model is a natural language processing (NLP) application that has become the basis for certain automatic tasks, suc[..]
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    Techniques for Measuring Machine Translation Quality

    Technological progress in the field of machine translation (MT) is indisputable. The processing of large volumes of texts to transfer content from a s[..]
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    How to Approach the Translation of Technical Terms

    Tackling a translation containing technical terms requires both linguistic knowledge and a broad understanding of technical language. This is a type o[..]
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    Multilingual Translation: Breaking Down Barriers and Opening up Opportunities With Languages

    Translating the same content into different languages, known as multilingual translation, is a challenging endeavor. Some of the difficulties that nee[..]
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    How to Avoid Data Privacy Problems in Europe

    In the European Union, personal data protection represents a fundamental right. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2016/679 regulates and m[..]
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    Working with aggregate data: what needs to be taken into account?

    Data analysis is an effective practice in research, in the prediction of behaviors and trends and, consequently, in decision-making in any sector; bus[..]
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