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Neural Machine Translation versus Prompting-Based LLM Translation - How Close Are We?

The recent GALA Association annual conference in Valencia has officially kick-started the conference season. And of course, the dominant issue (the only issue, I would say) was AI - or rather GenAI and how it is affecting the language industry,...

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Supporting AFIM Foundation for people with disabilities

The AFIM Foundation, established in 1992, is dedicated to providing comprehensive support to people with various disabilities, as well as to young and elderly people at risk of social exclusion. The Foundation's work focuses on providing assistance...

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Joining ValgrAI will enhance AI capabilities and strengthen ecosystem

Pangeanic has recently established a sponsorship collaboration withThe ValgrAI Foundation (Valencian Graduate School and Research Network of Artificial Intelligence) in a joint effort to boost specialized research and training in private GenAI, ...

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