A web of problems: Why Google Translate and website translation can’t marry

    It is not news that machine translated websites are penalized by search engines. Google has developed its technologies on the back of reliable bilingu[..]
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    15 Translation Questions Before Starting a Project

    It may seem a little odd, but many translation companies suffer the same problem when it comes to finding new clients, which is the very problem clien[..]
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    Agile Localization and Continuous Localization - The evolution

    Our people here at Pangeanic have been around the block when it comes to translating and localizing products for international markets, from website t[..]
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    Do you need professional translation English to Chinese?

    "I need legal English Chinese translations" or "I'd like to translate my website from English into Chinese" These are some of the common requests we r[..]
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    What is the difference between Traditional and Simplified Chinese?

    The Chinese language opens more than one billion doors for communication. Since less than 1% of Mainland Chinese are conversational in English, learni[..]
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    Will machines learn to understand language?

    A key concept that computing has been steeped in over recent years is big data. However, the focus is shifting gradually towards ‘deep learning’ or ‘m[..]
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    Deep learning - The day language technologies became a Christmas present

    It is said the third Monday every January is the saddest day in the year. It does not take deep learning to feel so. A long vacation period has ended.[..]
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    How to reduce translations risks?

    Right or wrong, translation has taken a path to commoditization over the last decade or two. Business literature often describes commoditization as "t[..]
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    Some takeaways from TAUS Summit Portland

    TAUS Yearly Summit in Portland was a great event and the largest I have attended so far (and I have been a regular attendee since 2007 in Brussels). T[..]
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    Do You Need Italian Translations?

    "I need to translate English into Italian" or "This is the website I would like to translate from English into Italian" are some of the common request[..]
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