Zero-Shot Learning in NLP

    Introduction In the supervised learning paradigm, labeled data sets are an essential resource when it comes to training artificial intelligence to fin[..]
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    What are Translation Management Systems and how to choose one

    A translation management system (TMS) is one of the main tools available to manage and control translation processes. It is an essential tool in the o[..]
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    What Is the F-Score? Ensuring MT and Anonymization Quality

    Thanks to technological advances and the development of models based on artificial intelligence and neural networks, machine translation (MT) has tran[..]
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    Latest developments and technology in personal data anonymization

    The anonymization of personal data represents a set of techniques and methods used to guarantee the right to privacy of individuals against the use of[..]
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    How differential privacy complements anonymization to ensure data security

    Undoubtedly, the intelligent use of data is a vital and strategic action for any company or research organization. However, this legitimate exploitati[..]
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    Why is masking personally identifiable information so important?

    The masking of personally identifiable information is a way to protect the sensitive data of an individual, company, or organization. It can also be s[..]
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    Patent translation service: everything you need to know

    For industries, patent translation services, especially in today’s globalized era, are one of the competitive tools required to guarantee the security[..]
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    Discover the challenges and characteristics of financial translations

    Financial language is a specialized language with a specific lexicon and grammar that makes it different and exclusive. It is a language with its own [..]
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    AI Translation: The Future of Language Learning

    Machine translation (MT) is not new. In fact, it has been around for more than half a century. However, significant advances have only recently simula[..]
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    7 fields in which organizations benefit from Natural Language Processing software

    Language comprises a huge body of words and sentences packed with complexities and irregularities that humans take years and years to learn. And while[..]
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