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The fascinating history of the Swahili language

Today we review the rich history and evolution of the Swahili language, an African language that is becoming a hallmark of the African continent and is spoken in Tanzania and Kenya, and in neighbouring Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda, as well as in parts...

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“Language is no longer human” - A review of the Multilingual magazine article

Multilingual magazine has recently published an article I wrote at the end of last year. “Language is no longer human” is both a statement and a thought-provoking exploration of what I consider a turning point for the translation industry in...

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Neural Machine Translation versus Prompting-Based LLM Translation - How Close Are We?

The recent GALA Association annual conference in Valencia has officially kick-started the conference season. And of course, the dominant issue (the only issue, I would say) was AI - or rather GenAI and how it is affecting the language industry,...

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