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Pangeanic Highlighted in Gartner's Hype Cycle for Language Technologies 2023

Pangeanic, a leading company in language technologies and translation services, was highlighted in the prestigious "Hype Cycle" for Language Technologies 2023 by Gartner on July 27th for its outstanding application of Neural Machine Translation (NMT).

Gartner's Hype Cycle is an analytical tool that provides an objective view on the risks and opportunities associated with the adoption of technological innovations. It consists of five phases, from the "innovation trigger" to the "plateau of productivity," providing a long-term perspective to understand the progress and expectations of a specific technology. Pangeanic was mentioned in the section related to NMT technology.

NMT is a revolutionary technology that uses advanced neural network models to automate the translation of texts and speeches between different languages. This approach allows for higher quality translations compared to traditional methods of automatic translation, improving market access for content and services in different languages.

Among the most notable advantages of NMT (neural machine translation) is the significant cost reduction compared to human translation, which has broadened the possibilities of applying it in new scenarios and audiences. This includes the synchronous and asynchronous translation of documents, multimedia content, and even real-time dubbing and subtitling. One of the great advantages of neural machine translation is that it can be easily integrated into translation tools (computer-assisted translation, or CAT tools). Moreover, it does so at a speed and a cost lower than automatic translation from large language models (LLMs) and can be adjusted to users' terminological needs much faster.

One of Pangeanic's capabilities in implementing this technology is its ability to customize and adapt neural translation models, which has allowed its solutions to span a wide range of business areas, such as whole document translation, multimedia translation, e-commerce, and entertainment. In addition, the integration of NMT with other translation technologies has been another notable achievement of the company, positioning itself as a versatile provider in the market.

Although the positive impact of NMT is recognized, the Gartner report also mentions challenges to be faced, such as quality limitations in certain specialized domains, variability in the availability and quality of NMT models among language pairs and sectors, and the need to establish optimal practices in implementing this technology.

Pangeanic's CEO, Manuel Herranz, expressed his satisfaction with the mention in the Gartner report, stating that "it is a recognition from an extremely prestigious authority in the industry that confirms our position as leaders in the language processing sector and specifically in neural machine translation. It validates the incessant effort that the whole team has invested in our mission.

Although this is a significant milestone, it is only a step in our journey. Pangeanic will continue to strive for excellence, innovating, and exceeding each of our clients' expectations.

This recognition from Gartner provides us with an additional boost and the motivation to continue improving and growing.” Being recognized by Gartner is a significant milestone for the company, Pangeanic consolidates its position as a leader in language technologies, demonstrating its ability to provide innovative solutions that break language barriers and improve translation efficiency in a globalized and diverse market.

Snapshot of Pangeanic’s mention in Gartner's research