4 Ways to reduce translation costs

    Professional translation services may not be something that you originally accounted for in your budget, so you might be interested in ways to reduce [..]
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    How to become a translator without a degree?

    Many professionals in the translation field have invested thousands of hours of work and training and thousands of dollars in software and marketing m[..]
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    How to create the perfect translator CV

    Freelance translators are effectively business owners, and attracting new clients is one of their core objectives. If your business is virtual, you ar[..]
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    Marketing Transcreation: your way to cross-cultural marketing

    Marketing transcreation is increasingly becoming an integral part of marketing campaigns. It is part and parcel of the process of transcending languag[..]
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    How can a professional translation agency be better than direct clients

    Direct clients seem to be the holy grail for many freelance translators. Higher rates, direct communication and all in all a less demanding approach a[..]
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    Fast Translate: How to translate faster

    Freelance translators are aware that the size of their income correlates to the amount of work they can get done. Not many translators are fortunate e[..]
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    Business chinese translation services: empower your business

    English has always been crowned as the international language of business, but its days as the world's favorite language may be numbered. Unlucky for [..]
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    Business terms translation from english to arabic

    We have the internet to thank for connecting people around the globe, but it is also the number one catalyst for international business growth. The in[..]
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    Translation Apps: Are They Worth the Hype?

    Nothing can hold you back from travelling to a foreign country like the dreaded language barrier. If you have been in a situation where you played cha[..]
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    Learning Arabic - 4 reasons to take on the challenge

    Many people make the mistake of learning a particular language simply because they like it or the culture associated with it. Tastes and preferences d[..]
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