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Try our custom LLM Masker

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Word embeddings : An easy-to-understand guide

LinkedIn, blog posts and social media are full of content that describe how word embeddings are the basis for GenAI – the cornerstone of all things AI. If you speak to a machine learning engineer, a data scientist or mathematician, you’re likely to...

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Virtual Assistants with GenAI: Artificial Intelligence that Truly Helps

The increasing digitization of all processes has brought an unprecedented revolution in how we interact with technology.Although chatbots have a long history (see our development of the Museum Chatbot for Europeana), the new virtual assistants,...

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Group-Q, Pangeanic's Partner for Advanced AI Language Solutions & GenAI

Group-Q, a premier distributor of cutting-edge technology solutions, has inked an exclusive strategic partnership agreement with language technology company Pangeanic, a worldwide leader in natural language processing (NLP) solutions and GenAI for...

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