Why are some languages written from right to left?

    Arabic, Hebrew, Farsi and other ancient languages have a common denominator: they are languages written from right to left. It is said that right-to-l[..]
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    What are the most challenging translation fields?

    Linguistic challenges are only the first hurdle qualified translators are expected to jump over. Linguists have to face new challenges in different ar[..]
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    Difference between Latin American Spanish and European Spanish

    The history of the Spanish language was shaped with the rise and fall of great empires. With foundations in Vulgar Latin, Spanish emerged alongside th[..]
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    Working from home productivity: how to stay productive while on lockdown

    Is possible to boost working from home productivity? While working from home can be someone's productivity booster, it can be someone else's distracti[..]
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    Crowdsourcing in translation: what are the pros and cons?

    When Aristotle said that, "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts", he was alluding to how individual parts produce a combined effect that is [..]
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    Languages spoken in Spain: How many are there?

    "Bon dia! Egun on! Bo día!" are all acceptable forms of greeting in Spain; except for the fact that they derive from different languages that can be h[..]
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    The most difficult languages for English speakers

    Do you know what are the most difficult languages for English speakers? There is scientific evidence that the brain's wiring affects the facility of l[..]
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    Tips for freelance translators

    Before talking freelance translators, let's see where they are coming from. Medieval mercenary knights struck their lances for the prince who paid the[..]
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    How to make money as a freelance translator

    How to make money as a translator can be a difficult question to answer. But it does not mean you have to lead a feast-or-famine life. Freelance trans[..]
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    7 Most Common English Idioms and Phrases

    Learning common English idioms and their usage can enrich your vocabulary and make you sound more native. These figures of speech are usually metaphor[..]
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