What Is the F-Score? Ensuring MT and Anonymization Quality

    Thanks to technological advances and the development of models based on artificial intelligence and neural networks, machine translation (MT) has tran[..]
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    AI Translation: The Future of Language Learning

    Machine translation (MT) is not new. In fact, it has been around for more than half a century. However, significant advances have only recently simula[..]
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    How to Comply With the GDPR When Processing Anonymized Data

    Processing large volumes of data provides various benefits to any sector of society (the scientific, educational, financial, commercial, legal sectors[..]
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    How do artificial intelligence-based sentiment analysis tools work?

    Sometimes, when we see a message, a critique or review, or receive a document from a customer, it is not clear if it is a joke, has a hidden intention[..]
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    How to protect your data with data masking

    The digital world is full of opportunities provided by the Internet, as well as cloud servers, when it comes to hosting, sharing and using the profusi[..]
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    Everything you need to know about machine translation

    Using machines to translate content from one language to another has long been a goal for computer scientists and translators. It was about ten years [..]
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    How to train your machine translation engine

    A machine translation engine offers many advantages, with reduced translation times and minimized use of human resources being the main benefits.
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    Anonymization Regulations, Privacy Acts and Confidentiality Agreements

    How do they differ and what do they protect us from? One of the possible definitions of privacy is the right that all people have to control informati[..]
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    Turkish language: A brief introduction

    The Turkish language (in Turkish: Türkçe) belongs to the Oghuz branch of the Turkic language family. It has a very high degree of mutual intelligibili[..]
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    Professional Arabic translation services in the UAE

    Arabic is spoken by four-hundred and twenty million people in twenty two countries and two continents. This makes it a huge consumption base with a hi[..]
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