Help me to translate English into Japanese!

    “Can you translate into Japanese some documents urgently? I have a PowerPoint and our brochure in InDesign...ready for an exhibition in Tokyo”. That w[..]
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    Brexit: the demise of English as an international language?

    Much has been said about what may happen to the English language and the need for English translations once the UK is no longer a member of the Europe[..]
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    Translating Dates Into Spanish: Are There Really Different Date Formats?

    Different date formats is something that professional translators must pay attention to. Whether a date is for the US, Europe or Asia, it is essential[..]
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    Translation project: What are the steps for success

    We pride ourselves in delivering consistent quality translations. This is not just what we say, it is what we do. Pangeanic recruits the best translat[..]
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    Can You Trust Free Web Language Converters To Do The Job

    A big question we get asked by consumers is why do we need a language translation service. If you go online, you’ll often find the search engine offer[..]
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    How to Overcome Language Barriers In Your Business

    Business owners overlook the importance of making sure that their company is ready for international trade. They don’t put the effort in to ensure tha[..]
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    Translation Services for Manufacturing Has Increased

    The importance of translation has been growing in the manufacturing industry. This has occurred due to the reasons that we’re going to discuss below. [..]
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    Essential Steps for Accurate Italian Translation

    Businesses everywhere need to translate documents and materials into other languages. Several European languages are some of the most popular, and Ita[..]
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    The Top Benefits of Using a Professional Japanese Translation Service

    Many people wonder why they need to use a professional translation service. After all, an online translation tool could do just as well, couldn't it? [..]
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    5 Tips To Make Your Technical Translation Services

    More than ever, companies are expanding to new countries and territories. That often requires a completely new approach to the native language. It mea[..]
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