Why All Companies Should Use Data Anonymization

    Nowadays, personal data protection is a strategic action for companies. And not only for compliance with legal regulations, but also to avoid loss of [..]
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    5 factors to consider if you are looking for video game translation services

    The video game industry is immersed in spectacular growth (more than 20% annually), both in sales and in new game development and, in countries such a[..]
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    The fundamental role of translation in international business

    Emerging needs in corporate translation  
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    All about health information privacy law

    The increasing adoption of information technology in the healthcare sector accelerates the potential to facilitate fruitful new insights emerging from[..]
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    Services that every translation company should offer

    Translation services are used by governments, companies and individuals seeking to bridge the communication gap that exists between entities that spea[..]
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    Data Protection and Anonymization in the Context of Financial and Legal Services

    The GDPR obliges organizations, companies and institutions to protect citizens’ data so that they are not used by third parties and to minimize the da[..]
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    Artificial Intelligence applied to Machine Translation at FITUR 2021

    From 19 to 23 May, the new edition of FITUR will be held. A meeting between professionals that will allow to know the new language technology tools de[..]
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    Post Editing of machine translation (PEMT)

    Any 21st-century international company needs first-class translation and post editing services. In order to ensure that you communicate effectively wi[..]
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    How AI is changing the language business?

    Artificial intelligence is quickly and irreversibly shaping the translation industry. Technology trends are both accelerating innovation and increasin[..]
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    7 Tips for good translational control

    Good quality control in a translation is almost as important as the translation itself. Many freelance translators make the mistake of submitting thei[..]
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