9 Qualities translation companies seek in a freelance translation services

    The availability of freelance services using the Internet as a means of communication, data transfer has meant the explosion of personal services offe[..]
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    Need an English to Russian human translator?

    "Can you provide professional Russian translations? I need to translate legal documents from English to Russian" or  "We have a website for which we n[..]
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    The Pangeanic neural translation project

    The last few months have been extraordinarily busy at Pangeanic, with a focus on the application neural networks for machine translation (neural machi[..]
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    TAUS Tokyo Summit: improvements in japanese neural machine translation are real

    Not that business plans are written in stone any longer, but efforts to provide an insight by experts are always welcome. TAUS Tokyo Summit provided a[..]
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    A web of problems: Why Google Translate and website translation can’t marry

    It is not news that machine translated websites are penalized by search engines. Google has developed its technologies on the back of reliable bilingu[..]
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    Do you need professional translation English to Chinese?

    "I need legal English Chinese translations" or "I'd like to translate my website from English into Chinese" These are some of the common requests we r[..]
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    Will machines learn to understand language?

    A key concept that computing has been steeped in over recent years is big data. However, the focus is shifting gradually towards ‘deep learning’ or ‘m[..]
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    How to reduce translations risks?

    Right or wrong, translation has taken a path to commoditization over the last decade or two. Business literature often describes commoditization as "t[..]
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    Do you need to translate Italian to English?

    "I need to translate English into Italian" or "This is the website I would like to translate from English into Italian" are some of the common request[..]
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    Translate security transmission

    What is your level of confidentiality? Each document that Pangeanic receives is treated with complete confidentiality. At all levels of our service, w[..]
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