Steps for quality translation services

    Quality translation services generally consist of three steps: translation, editing and proofreading. For projects with a large volume of words or tec[..]
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    A sports translation company help federations to create accurate multilingual content

    The 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games is only months away and anyone interested in language processing and translation technology is keen to see what enhanceme[..]
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    How many countries speak German?

    German is the official language of Germany and Austria, and one of the official languages of Switzerland, where it is the spoken by the majority of th[..]
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    Is it difficult to find qualified Sinhalese interpreter?

    "Do you have professional Sinhalese translators in your books?", "Can you provide good Sinhalese translations?", "I need to translate marketing docume[..]
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    English to German Translator: Here's your German Translators Team!

    "Can you translate English to German?", "Can you provide certified English to German translations?", "I need to translate legal documents from German [..]
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    How to stand out as a freelance translator: Translating online

    Proz, the largest network for language professionals in the world, boasts over 300,000 translators and translation companies. It works as a two-way st[..]
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    CAT tools, neural machine translation, NEC TM, blockchain, M&A...

    Two weeks of January have already gone by, which provides some perspective on what happened at Pangeanic and in the translation industry in 2018. Here[..]
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    Looking for Spanish translations? How many countries speak Spanish?

    You've just landed on this page because you may need Spanish translations for your business or organization. If so, please contact us using the form t[..]
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    Looking for English Vietnamese translators? Translate English to Vietnamese

    "Do you have certified Vietnamese translators?", "Can you provide professional Vietnamese translations?", "I need to translate legal documents from En[..]
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    Translation 101: 7 Tips to Boost Content Quality with Perfect Translation

    Communicating with people around the world is something that every business owner should really take advantage of. For instance, you may find localizi[..]
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