Where are we at with Neural Machine Translation?

    What is Neural Machine Transaltion? Neural Machine Translation (NMT) is the new approach to machine translation. NMT works with an end-to-end architec[..]
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    Easy translation with Pangeanic's plugins: the most powerful and efficient machine translation

    If you need to translate a large amount of information or documents in a fast and practical way, Pangeanic's plugins and API are the ideal solution. W[..]
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    Discover the latest trends in the translation industry

    The translation industry is going through a period of profound transformation driven by technological change. Therefore, opportunities such as using m[..]
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    Best data anonymization tools and techniques

    There is a popular ongoing debate about the underlying brain of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The development of algorithms and existing machines that[..]
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    What is a Computer Assisted Translation Tool?

    Professional translators use a tool to store and recall their work when they provide a translation service. In principle, these tools (called CAT for [..]
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    Data Regulations and Standards where Anonymization is Critical

    Are you in compliance with the data regulations and standards that govern your geographic region, industry, company or types of data you handle?
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    We’re growing as a NLP company and say "Hello" to Marina Souto, our new Machine Learning Engineer

    We are proud to announce that Pangeanic is expanding! With Business Interactive Japan Takeover and launching a series of projects focused on new marke[..]
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    Natural Language Processing is changing how we interact with machines.... and with each other

    A shunned science not long ago, Natural Language Processing enables humans to interact with machines in ways not possible only a few years ago. The ne[..]
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    Why is data anonymization important?

    Data anonymization refers to the process of de-identifying personal information from text. A type of information sanitization with the intention of pr[..]
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    Future-Proof with Technology your Business Development

    Wondering how to future-proof business development with technology? A marketing strategy linked to localization has benefits beyond optimizing traffic[..]
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