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Things You Need to Know About Machine Translation

Immediacy, privacy, personalization, flexibility and financial viability are just some of the advantages of machine translation. This technology can even facilitate the tasks associated with content management.

It's not just about converting words from one language to another. Machine translation is a process that adapts to different contexts, constantly evolves, and that can process a large volume of content without having to increase resource allocation. It is a process that involves a multitude of beneficial aspects that you should be aware of.


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How does machine translation work?

Using machine translation, it is possible to transfer content from a source language to a target language without human intervention, using algorithms developed based on artificial intelligence and neural networks.

Thanks to these neural networks, machine translation mimics the linguistic processing performed by the professional translator. Therefore, it yields a more natural and more accurate result than the earlier statistical methods.


Neural Machine Translation


The neural machine translation engine learns and continuously improves through each result it generates. Of course, despite this evolution, this translation may require human participation through post-editing, although in reality, the changes it requires are very few.



7 things to consider about machine translation

The machine translation process includes important aspects that must be taken into account:

Machine translation is the fastest method

One of the great advantages of machine translation is the high speed with which it processes content. In just seconds, MT has the ability to translate large amounts of information very quickly.


Procesos de traducción rápidos y eficientes

Thanks to the machine translation process, a company with an inventory of more than 1,000 products can obtain the entire listing in a new language in just one day. To increase the quality and suitability of the results, the speed of this process can be combined with the accuracy of the post-editing review.



Machine translation services are flexible in terms of budget and needs

Another thing to be aware of is that machine translation services offer enough flexibility to suit both the company's individual and unique needs and the budget it has allocated for it.

Among the main options that can be customized are the quality requirements, the translation delivery time, and whether or not to include post-editing.

For example, if the company or organization needs to accurately translate non-complex communications that need to be completed quickly, but at the lowest possible cost, a machine translation process with light post-editing may be chosen.


Machine translation and big data

Compared to human translators, machines will always have a greater capacity for analyzing a large volume of data. In fact, machine translation algorithms adapt and become better trained as the volume of content they process increases.

This enormous advantage is used to optimize translations, increase their quality and improve the value of the MT platforms' service. This optimization is carried out by using algorithms to analyze a huge number of translations for errors or anomalies.  


Machine translation successfully processes multiple content types

When post-editing is added, the machine translation process can successfully work with various types of content, for example:

  • Content that will be read by customers, such as product descriptions or web page content.

  • Content that must be culturally adapted to the target region or country. This is an essential process for success in the globalization of companies.

  • Content that includes specialized terms in a particular technical or scientific area. For example, content about products/services in the financial sector or legal documents.


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Machine translation saves up to 30% of translation and localization costs

In addition to speed and the ability to process large amounts of content, machine translation tools also help to save time and money.

This is because MT performs text processing in less time than that needed by professional translators, thanks to the automation of the entire process, the use of translation memories, and the efficiency of machines in large-scale projects.

Even when the post-editing process is added to the machine translation and localization service, client companies can count on cost savings of up to 30%.


Machine learning at different levels

Machine learning has given MT enormous processing power and high quality in the accuracy of its results at different levels. For example, AI-driven machine translation tools are employed on platforms such as Google and Facebook.

However, MT does not only apply to text translation. Due to the evolution of machine learning algorithms, MT can also be used on images and voice. While it is a process that requires further refinement, it really is a major breakthrough in the MT industry.


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Machine translation can make translators three to five times more productive

The human translation service represents a limited resource. A translation professional's capacity for tackling a larger number of projects depends on their talent and ability to devote less time to certain tasks.

Machine translation tools help the professional translator to increase their performance three, four or even fivefold. This allows them to increase their productivity by being able to translate and localize content quickly and in more languages.


Why is machine translation so useful for companies?

Machine translation tools are useful for companies, organizations, and administrations because they allow them to:

  • Translate an increasing volume of content, without the need for additional resource allocation.

  • Translate documents, web pages, spreadsheets, presentations, and files in multiple formats.

  • Extract information, as well as understand and quantify customer satisfaction through real-time analysis of customer feedback.


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The advantages of machine translation with Pangeanic

At Pangeanic, we provide a neural machine translation service with near-human precision and with the ability to translate websites, documents and files in various formats, from our Cloud translation platform or from a company's own infrastructure. 

Our AI-driven machine translation process is:

  • Immediate, with the capacity to process hundreds of millions of terms in record time.

  • Financially viable, without compromising the high quality and accuracy of the results.

  • Scalable: our systems evolve continuously, without requiring extra investment.

  • Secure: our MT solutions can integrate anonymization tools to translate confidential or sensitive information and protect privacy.

In addition, Pangeanic's machine translation engines feature a high level of flexibility and allow configuration for maximum control and customization according to the company's requirements.

Experience the benefits of our advanced technology. Tell us what you need and Pangeanic will show you the best solution for your business.


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