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Pangeanic Joins Forces with GreenSCENT to Boost Environmental Awareness Through Machine Translation

Pangeanic, a leading provider of language technology, has joined the GreenSCENT (Smart Citizen Education for a Green Future) project to facilitate the dissemination of environmental information in multiple languages. GreenSCENT aims to educate and empower European citizens to change their behavior towards the environment by fostering empathy for the planet. 

The GreenSCENT project, funded by the European Commission, focuses on achieving the objectives set out in the European Green Pact to achieve climate neutrality across the continent by 2050. In order to debunk stereotypes, change skeptical attitudes and raise awareness, GreenSCENT uses inclusive citizen science and co-creation approaches. 

In this context, Pangeanic has implemented its advanced technology to create a customized "look and feel" through which GreenSCENT can use Pangeanic's machine translation engines to translate content into multiple languages. The use of this technology is intended to reduce costs and speed up the process of translating updated environmental information. 


Look and feel GreenScent Platform by Pangeanic

In order to improve the results, Pangeanic has carried out a preliminary exploratory study to evaluate the accuracy of the translations generated by machine translation compared to those created by a human translator. In this study, metrics such as the BLEU score and TER were used to select the most appropriate translation engine for the environmental domain. The ultimate goal is to ensure the efficient dissemination of information in different languages, thus promoting positive behavioral change towards the environment. 

This collaboration between Pangeanic and GreenSCENT demonstrates the potential of machine translation in disseminating environmental information in an effective and affordable way. Both organizations are committed to promoting environmental awareness and encouraging sustainable behaviors to build a green future. 

Stay tuned for updates on the progress and results of this exciting project as we strive towards a sustainable and environmentally friendly future.