Translation and transcreation

    Failing to engage in meaningful transcreation as part of introducing products to a foreign market can be costly. Do so at your peril. Marketing orient[..]
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    Papua New Guinea is the country with the highest level of language diversity

    Most people, even those who are not necessarily linguistic experts or translation professionals, know that there are thousands of languages in the wor[..]
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    The Swedish Language

    Just like Danish and Norwegian, Swedish also belongs to the North Germanic language group. It is not a widely spoken language: some 9 million people s[..]
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    Marketing Writing - 5 Tips for Good Material

    Many businesses (and technical translation companies handling many languages are no exception) fail when it comes to writing marketing texts. How can [..]
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    The Afrikaans Language

    It may be strange for a translation company outside South Africa to have translation requests into Afrikaans. At Pangeanic, as one of the best transla[..]
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    Machine Translation was not the death of the translator (as we know it)

    Much has been said about the death of TMs with the advent of Machine Translation. At one point, not too long ago (2 or 3 years), many Language Service[..]
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    Computer Assisted Translation Tools: User Needs Poll

    We have often said in our blog and publications that translation stopped being a craft a long time ago. Translation companies are becoming solution pr[..]
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    Webpage Translation Services for global exposure and credibility

    When will you have a massive traffic on your website? As a stable online business, your answer will be - When visitors are able to get the information[..]
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    English to Spanish Translation Website - The importance of Having Quality

    The advent of the Internet has provided business across the world with opportunities to expand globally. International business and exports are not ju[..]
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    The Machine Translation Programs Growing Popular

    With the growing popularity of digital content and customers' expectations for quality translations in their own local language, translation companies[..]
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