More on the importance of website translation SEO

    Anyone working in any form of business that has an online presence is likely to be familiar with the term SEO. And if you are carefully building an on[..]
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    Do you need to translate English into French?

    "I need to translate English to French" or "I'm attaching some documents to quote for translation into French" are some of the common requests we rece[..]
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    Multilingual Website SEO services - the New Frontier for International Business

    Most online businesses want to expand their operations in different parts of the world and why not? The beauty of owning an online business is that it[..]
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    The German language - A brief history

    Would you like to find out more about how the most spoken language in Europe came to be? Our brief history of the German language will help you. Germa[..]
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    Japanese Translation Website Services is very important, but why?

    Though it may seem to us that English is the universal language of the Internet, there are many societies that are deeply rooted in their culture and [..]
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    5 Chinese language facts (for foreigners)

    When Westerners consider China, they tend to think about one single culture. This is far from the reality, both in China and the majority of countries[..]
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    The Japanese Language

    A short history of the Japanese language There are few languages on Earth which escape a deep analysis of its roots and origins and the Japanese langu[..]
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    Website Translation Services to communicate globally and effectively

    The digital world is ever growing and the need for translation services is unstoppable.The World Wide Web has become the focal point for searching inf[..]
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    Good keyword translations is what your online company needs for a top spot in Google

    Keyword translation is an art. It really is: translating keywords is not the realm for automatic, machine translation. What people search in one count[..]
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    Translations boost websites and exports

    Can translations boost websites and exports? Is translation a good investment? Let us quote a famous saying "If you talk to a man in a language he und[..]
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