Need a human translator to translate English to Arabic?

    "Can you provide professional Arabic translations? I need to translate legal documents from English into Arabic" or  "We have a website for which we n[..]
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    Translate website online. Into how many languages should you translate it?

    Well, you landed on this page because you have decided to translate your company’s website. Before tackling the question of whether you need to simply[..]
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    Translate mistake in Spanish thanks to Google

    Google Translate error mistranslates Galician vegetable food festival and makes town the world’s laughing stock There are 11,000 inhabitants in Spain’[..]
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    Multilingual social media agency - Should you run it?

    Whether you are running global marketing campaigns for a huge multinational organization or you run a more modest import/export business, you should b[..]
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    Inuit words for snow: Are there really 50?

    For many years, linguists have considered it an urban myth that the Arctic-dwelling Inuits have 50 words for snow. The idea was first put out in the 1[..]
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    Do you need to translate German to English?

    "Can you translate German to English quickly? I have some technical manuals to translate from German into English" or "We need to machine translate Bi[..]
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    Do Jamaicans Speak Spanish: Should it Become its Second Language?

    It is widely acknowledged that English is the official first language of Jamaica. However, the reality is that the majority of Jamaicans speak a varie[..]
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    Football Games in Chinese Language: a US university launching Chinese language broadcasts

    The University of Illinois has claimed it is the first in the USA to launch a Mandarin Chinese-language commentary of its football matches During each[..]
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    Business translation in Spanish-speaking market

    The internet is bringing the world closer together and creating a genuinely global marketplace. As a result, companies should now give serious conside[..]
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    How many words does a professional translator translate per day?

    You are not alone if you have ever wondered how many words a professional translator translates per day. Is there a limit to what a human translator c[..]
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