Need to translate English into Spanish?

    "I need to translate to Spanish quickly", "How much does it cost to translate a website to Spanish" or "This is the document we need to translate from[..]
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    How Medical Translation Services Are Changing the Healthcare Industry

    The translation of medical documents can be needed in healthcare for a number of reasons. One of the main reasons for translating medical documents is[..]
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    Good Translation Websites: Benefits of translating into a different language

    There are more than one billion live websites online. They are mostly monolingual, although translations are becoming increasingly important. There's [..]
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    The worst translation mistake in history

    The National Security Agency in the US declassified a document which points to what is likely to be the worst translation mistake in history. Or, at l[..]
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    Google Translate error: we thought Russia was Mordor

    Google Translate errors have become a kind of popular culture joke (see our previous entry about the "clitoris festival" in a Spanish town). Some year[..]
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    How much does a translation cost?

    How much does a translation cost? This is a typical question when you seek a translation service. We would like to provide you some tips in order to f[..]
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    5 tips for a cultural adaptation of translations

    Marketing departments work hard to produce high quality content, high quality translations, catalogues, websites and content in general to project a q[..]
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    What is the most translated website in the world?

    There are literally millions of websites out there, many of which contain several languages. Translating a website has become a basic business require[..]
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    Why use translation services from a company

    Yes indeed. My cousin is perfect to translate our website because she spent almost one year in France in a student exchange and worked part-time to ge[..]
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    Machine Translation Market to Reach $983.3 Million by 2022

    According to new research by Research&Marketing, the global machine translation market is expected to weigh $983.3M by year 2022. Several advancem[..]
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