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English is a Indo-European language from the West Germanic group. Before the Latinizing Norman conquest of Britain, several Anglo Saxon dialects dominated the linguistic landscape of most of Great Britain, reducing its surviving Celtic-speaking...
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Companies and machine translation: human translation still better?

A recent article in The Wire by Ian Henderson dealt with the naive view of applying machine translation tools rather than professional translation companies and translation services. Whilst machine translation can be a time saver for quick...
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Muslim conquest of Spain: Did Portuguese or Spanish languages exist at the time?

That's a tricky question since Portugal and Spain did not exist as separate entities in 711. The Balearic Islands were still part of the Byzantine Empire (yes, Byzantine, with Constantinople as its capital). At that time, the whole of the Iberian...
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Issues for translators : inconsistencies and strategies

Issues for translators ... the eternal quest. Managing terminology efficiently is essential to complete a language translation that is fit for purpose - and this is becoming even more important as the use of machine translation becomes more and more...

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Multilingual web event

Multilingual translation company for your web: To conclude our summary of the Multilingual Web event in Rome, this second part will wrap up the event with use cases, applied machine translation, CMS and Translation Management Systems.
Next time you...
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Why website translation services need to be embedded in your business strategy

Large enterprises around the world are now quickly realizing the importance of having their websites available in many languages. A free website translator isn't simply enough. It may do the job fairly well if you just need to understand a website...
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