Bad practice in translation (and how machine translation can help)

    This is a copy of our posting in the LinkedIn group "Translation agencies bad practices". The question is "How much a translation agency pays on avera[..]
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    Machine translation research awarded by European Development Grants

    FEDER fund award to advance Automation Algorithms in re-training and self-learning process in Statistical Machine Translation Pangeanic has been award[..]
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    Machine translation solutions, presented on TAUS, LW Silicon Valley, Tekom and JTF

    Q4 was very intensive at Pangeanic, attending 4 conferences to promote the benefits of the DIY SMT concept in the US, Europe and Japan.  We will now s[..]
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    The science of machine translation

    One very important aspect that is often overlooked in the machine translation field and discussions is that machine translation is one variant of a mo[..]
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    Translators Without Borders supported by Pangeanic

    Pangeanic, a leading provider of machine-translation technologies and multilingual communication services worldwide, announced its financial support v[..]
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    CAT tool software is not good enough for Europe

    And why should it be? Decisions coming from Brussels tend to be misunderstood, shallowly analyzed or directly criticized whichever way the wind blows.
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    Localization World 2011- Interoperability and DIY SMT

    This is a summary of what has been learnt, discussed and exchanged during our attendance to both TAUS and LocWorld venues in Barcelona. It highlights [..]
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    Multilingual Web & Translator MT Awareness

    April was a busy month within the Northern-hemisphere, conference-rich season. Gala took place in Lisbon and, although Pangeanic - PangeaMT could not [..]
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    Translation department or translation company: know MT

    If you run a translation company or translation department or have some sort of connection with the translation industry, you have noticed without a d[..]
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    MT wars: Final dominance by final technology?

    I must thank all contributors to the discussion as to "ownership" or "customization" by LSPs will be trend in the near future in LinkedIn. (  http://b[..]
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