The Difference between PII and GDPR’s Personal Data

    When we speak about PII and GDPR's personal data and privacy, we will find different terms according to the jurisdiction we deal with. Although the me[..]
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    Pangeanic's ECO: a mission to translate and anonymize all the text in the world

    The importance of translation is reflected in numerous day-to-day applications, from mere entertainment to e-commerce services and much more sensitive[..]
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    Pangeanic: forward-looking translation service company

    Our mission: "We believe in work well done, in work done by people, for people, combining Artificial Intelligence and humans". That's Pangeanic! We wo[..]
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    Virginia’s Consumer Data Protection Act Passed

    On March 2, 2021, Virginia became the second state to enact comprehensive privacy legislation and the first to do so on its own initiative. California[..]
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    463 Exabyte Reasons to Start Anonymizing Now

    Throughout society, data impacts every aspect of our lives, whether we are aware of it or not. Each day 306 billion emails are sent, 95 million photos[..]
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    Are Japanese, Spanish,  French foreign languages for artificial intelligence?

    In 2021, English is undoubtedly the main language used in AI. However, the application of artificial intelligence tends to take place in many scenario[..]
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    What is the difference between machine learning and deep learning?

    Machine learning and deep learning are the two main concepts within data science and subsets of the wider field of artificial intelligence. Many novic[..]
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    Challenge 2020 and Opportunities - A review by Manuel Herranz

    2020 has created many translate challenges like other industries and professions. We asked Manuel Herranz, Pangeanic's CEO to review the best and the [..]
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    Remote work companies: A growing opportunity for digital data companies

    2019 was an exciting year, with more and more challenges, integrations and developments in the language technology space. We witnessed the rise, rise [..]
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    Covid-19: Contingency and business continuity plan

    Pangeanic has designed a comprehensive contingency and business continuity plan in place, which we are executing accordingly. Being a human-centric la[..]
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