Microsoft Skype Translator- Will it Become True?

    by Manuel Herranz Today, organizations invest heavily in their research and development departments. This has led to new technological advancements be[..]
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    3 types of machine translation

    If you are a content manager and own a business, you know how much time writing takes. For instance, you can order one of your writers to write good c[..]
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    Translating machine: TAUS Tokyo Executive Forum 2014

    Despite years of economic stagnation, a feeling we are so familiar with in Europe, Japan proved that many good things can be expected from it at the l[..]
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    JABA-Translations: The needs of Translation Companies

    As a  leading translation company and developer of translation technologies,  Pangeanic was a sponsor in this gathering where heads of several transla[..]
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    Expert machine translation: Tekom and EXPERT Hybrid MT

    by Manuel Herranz Pangeanic attended two major events during November, promoting its flexible machine translation technologies to translation experts/[..]
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    Four Steps to Understanding DIY Machine Translation Customization

    by Manuel Herranz There has been some recent controversy in LinkedIn and blogs about claims to higher technical levels of engine customization, what i[..]
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    Visualizing and understanding neural machine translation

    by Manuel Herranz The same mistake that was made by many translation agencies, translation companies and now language service providers is being made [..]
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    LocWorld London: I used to be a Translator, Now I Run Machine Translation

    by Manuel HerranzIt is only when looking back in time that one realizes how much work has been done, how far we are from where we used to be ... what [..]
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    Translation Technologies at LocWorld

    I attended Localization World London both as a guest speaker on what I call an upsurge in machine translation, almost a “transition frenzy” towards po[..]
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