Medical Translations: Quality Matters

    by Manuel Herranz When you think about two different jobs, doctors and translators do not come to mind as two related professions But the fields of li[..]
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    Language technology landscape - TAUS Tokyo

    by Manuel Herranz I attended the last TAUS meeting in Tokyo. This organization has come a long way in promoting machine translation among translation [..]
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    Translators for Well-Written Word Documents

    by Garth Hedenskog and Manuel Herranz Let’s see if we can make your life easier by going through a few steps to improve your next translation experien[..]
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    The importance of a well-written document for translation

    by Garth Hedenskog and Manuel Herranz
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    Digital Business Translator

    by Manuel Herranz In many ways, the world seems to be getting smaller. Transatlantic flights may still take hours, but there is no denying that intern[..]
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    Skype Translator is finally here - and data sucking?

    Several companies are working in machine translation and, in fact, some large companies are "BUYING" machine translation companies so that the technol[..]
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    Will there be CAT tools programs in 2020?

    The speed at which computers and computing have evolved over the last 30 years has brought massive changes to many professions –and change for transla[..]
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    Twitter, Ebay, Facebook translator ...Big data companies want to own machine

    Companies creating and managing big data (big data very often means multilingual data, too), sooner or later realize it is in their interest to have d[..]
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    Translate your content is not more expensive than create a new one

    by Manuel Herranz Content writing and quality translation services from translation companies are rapidly growing fields. In fact, they have gained su[..]
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