Arabic Dictionaries: an ordeal for the learner?

    Whether you are a writer, translator or simply learning a foreign language, a dictionary can be your best friend. In fact, even a native speaker of a [..]
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    English - Arabic Translations Gone Wrong

    Whoever described translation as "the art which transforms everything so that nothing changes" has certainly not seen these Arabic > English transl[..]
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    Lost in Arabic Native Translation

    Some of the most frequent questions we receive from our clients on a daily basis are: "which Arabic dialects do you translate into?" "what is your tra[..]
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    The importance of having a good translation for an Arabic website

    The Arabic language is a vast language spoken and accepted world over. It is a growing language in any serious world marketing plan for many reasons: [..]
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    German Translation Website: The Importance of Having a Quality Translator

    Inaccurate translations can hamper effective communication and can potentially lead to confusion and misunderstandings. Ensuring that you have quality[..]
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