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How Synthetic Data and Human IP-Clear Data Can Boost StartUps’ AI Projects

Artificial intelligence (AI) and particularly NLP applications like GenAI have taken the world by surprise from the end of 2022. They really shook R&D plans in 2023: Microsoft snapped a $10Bn deal with OpenAI for the customized use of its ChatGPT and stopped many areas of its own R&D. After the initial shock and failed Bard release, so did Google, focusing its efforts on its own Large Language Models. META began releasing versions of Llama to the community. The Wall Street Journal, however, sees a danger in the recent VC rush to fund AI and GenAI startups: the lack of high-quality, reliable data to pump machine learning models. Here’s where Pangeanic long tradition in collecting, curating, building, augmenting, improving and providing data-for-AI for its own systems (and others) will help. Today, we are going to discuss how synthetic data and human IP-clear data can boost startups’ AI projects. 

The artificial intelligence landscape is pulsating and at the same time transforming the world in unprecedented ways. From self-driving cars to chatbots, AI applications are becoming more ubiquitous and sophisticated... But, there's a driving force often overshadowed by the glamour of algorithms, presentations, and computational prowess: data. While the mechanics of AI revolve around algorithms, it's actually the large sets of high-quality, accurate data that fuel these engines. Enter our solution: a potent blend of scalable synthetic data and human IP-free data sets. Let’s delve into why high-quality data is not just beneficial, but also crucial for next-generation AI (GenAI) start-ups and Machine Learning (ML) teams. 


Data is the fuel that powers AI models 

Without data, AI models cannot learn, improve, or perform. Having access to high-quality data is essential for any AI project. However, as we all know, obtaining high-quality data for AI projects is never easy, affordable or straightforward: tons of data are needed for baseline models from which client data can be used for fine-tuning – but even in those cases, client data may not be enough. 

There are numerous companies in the market offering off-the-shelf stock, which has never been tried in real machine learning. This creates uncertainty in data buyers, because nobody likes to invest money in sets without some kind of certainty on the quality. Imagine adding untested fuel to your vehicle, or mixing diesel and gasoline, or plugging your electric car into an untested outlet that perhaps has no ground connection. What do you think it could happen to the engine? Yes, data collection can be expensive, time-consuming, and risky. We know because we have collected and continuously gather data for AI in a variety of modalities on a daily basis. Data privacy (anonymization) and security are also major concerns, especially when dealing with sensitive human data. 

That's why we at Pangeanic have developed a solution that can help you overcome these challenges. We are a company that specializes in creating data for AI and machine learning projects, as well as synthetic data. We also collect IP-free human data for AI projects. Synthetic data is data that is artificially generated by algorithms, typically for a specific domain or application in mind, while IP-free human data is data that is collected from real humans without infringing on their intellectual property rights. We work hard to build repositories with parallel corpora, images, questions and answers, even with speech recordings, etc., to improve many different kinds of AI systems – including ours. And we do so without compromising on quality or ethics. 


PECAT-parallel data

  • Pangeanic Generator: This is our flagship product that allows you to create synthetic data for any domain and task. Our team will review your needs with you. You can choose from our pre-built synthetic data sets, like parallel corpora, or request a custom synthetic data set tailored to your requirements. You can also use our API to integrate our synthetic data generator with your existing workflows and tools. 

  • Pangeanic Marketplace: This is our online platform that connects you with our network of IP-free human data contributors. You can browse through our catalog of IP-free human data sets or post a request for a custom IP-free human data set. You can also use our API to access our IP-free human data marketplace from your own applications. 

  • Pangeanic Consulting: This is our service that provides you with expert guidance and support for your AI projects. We can help you with designing, developing, testing, and deploying your AI models using all types of data, either synthetic data, IP-free human data or a mixture of both. Pangeanic’s NLP team can also help you with optimizing your AI models' performance, accuracy, and efficiency. 


Benefits of Synthetic Data and IP-Free Human Data 

GenAI start-ups and machine learning start-ups are pioneering groundbreaking advancements that promise to redefine industries, from automotive to healthcare, banking, insurance and finance to entertainment and retail. But the raw power of algorithms is only realized when they're trained on robust, diversified, and accurate datasets. Let’s remember some of the benefits of synthetic data and human data that is free of IP.  

  • Cost-effectiveness: Synthetic data and IP-free human data are cheaper and faster to produce than traditional data collection methods. You don't need to spend money on hiring data collectors, annotators, or validators. You also don't need to worry about paying royalties or fees to the data owners or providers. 

  • Scalability: Synthetic data and IP-free human data can be generated and collected in large quantities, variety and at scale. You can customize the data to suit your specific needs and preferences. You can also adjust the data distribution, noise level, and complexity to match your desired scenarios and use cases. 

  • Accuracy: Synthetic data and IP-free human data are created and collected following our high standards of quality and reliability as we have been developers of NLP solutions for more than 2 decades. Our synthetic data algorithms are based on state-of-the-art techniques and validated by our expert NLP team. Our IP-free human data collection platform is based on the capabilities of our PECAT tool to ensure transparency and accountability. Clients can even check progress online and get deliveries at required cadence (every week, every day, even request deliveries live via our API connection!) 

  • Privacy: Data privacy is strong at Pangeanic and it permeates everything we do. We led the first multilingual anonymization development in the world, the MAPA Project, now in use at several European institutions and the European Commission’s eTranslation service. Synthetic data and IP-free human data are compliant with the latest data protection regulations and ethical guidelines. Our synthetic data algorithms preserve the privacy of the original data sources by generating realistic but not identifiable data. Our IP-free human data collection platform protects the privacy of the data contributors by anonymizing their identities and rewarding them fairly. 

  Synthetic Data: Bridging the Gap 

 In short, if traditional data collection processes are time-consuming, expensive, and often riddled with bias and inaccuracy, our synthetic data offers: 

  • Speed: Faster than traditional data collection, ensuring your AI models get to market sooner. 

  • Diversity: Synthetic data can be generated to cover edge cases, ensuring a holistic training environment. 

  • Precision: Crafted datasets that cater specifically to the nuances of your AI model's requirements. 

IP-Free Human Data: The Authentic Touch 

While synthetic data provides breadth and diversity, genuine human data gives depth and authenticity. By ensuring our human data is IP-free: 

  • No Legal Hurdles: Streamline your processes without the fear of intellectual property entanglements. 

  • Ethical Data Collection: Our commitment to ethically sourced data ensures your brand's reputation remains untarnished. 

  • Varied & Comprehensive: Gain insights from a wide demographic, enhancing the universality of your AI models. 

How Pangeanic Can Help You 

If you are a machine learning start-up, a GenAI start-up or a machine learning team looking for high-quality data for your AI projects, Pangeanic can help you to achieve your goals. We offer a range of data services and data products that can cater to your specific needs and goals. 

Get Started with Pangeanic Today 

If you are interested in using synthetic data and IP-free human data for your AI projects, get in touch with us today. We would love to hear from you and discuss how we can help you achieve your AI goals. 

You can visit our website  or contact us. You can also follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn for the latest updates and news. 

We look forward to working with you and helping you unleash the power of synthetic data and IP-free human data for your AI projects!