Nikita Teslenko Grygoryev

Zero-Shot Learning in NLP


In the supervised learning paradigm, labeled data sets are an essential resource when it comes to training artificial intelligence to find patterns in the labeled data.

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What is Language Modeling and How Is It Related to NLP?

In the past few years, Natural Language Processing (NLP) has gone through tremendous changes driven by language modeling (LM). It has allowed machines to begin to understand the abstract parts of natural language and enable word prediction.

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Keep Up to Date With Data Augmentation

A piece of data is a symbolic representation of a quantitative or qualitative attribute or variable; that is to say, it is a unit of information.  

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The relationship between data science and machine learning

As technology advances by leaps and bounds, especially in the current digital transformation, it has become vital for companies to use data science to analyze information and generate predictive models that help them face and overcome each new...

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Discover the NER Model in Data Anonymization

The named entity recognition (NER) model is a natural language processing (NLP) application that has become the basis for certain automatic tasks, such as machine translation, information retrieval, and text anonymization.

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